'Dexter' Fan Contributor: Daddy Issues
'Dexter' Fan Contributor: Daddy Issues
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Christine Hill, Det. Joey Quinn's girlfriend, a reporter and most recently revealed: Arthur Mitchell's (Trinity's) daughter, seems to be in over her head these days. In "Lost Boys," Hill reveals to her father that she saw him kill a woman in a bathtub when she was five. Due to her dutiful reporting skills, she discovered that there has been a bathtub murder in every state from where Mitchell has sent her a postcard for the past thirty years. Due to her not-so-dutiful reporting skills, she has yet to connect the dots between the bludgeonings and women falling to her death, but we'll cut her some slack for the time being.

Seeing as how she wants to prove to her father that she is the child that loves Daddy the most, she takes it upon herself to kill FBI Agent Frank Lundy, because well, he was getting in the way. Mitchell seems to be pleased and willing to protect Hill, who is now paranoid of the police eventually catching on (incidentally, they have). But, as soon as Hill tears out of the parking lot, confident that her father will protect her, Mitchell gets into the car and has a fit of rage, punching his steering wheel--yet again the Trinity killer reveals himself for just how unstable he really is.
At the end of the episode, Hill is not greeted by her father as she expected, but by the Miami Metro Police Department, and yet again has been cast aside by her father for things that are more important. (Such as him attempting to dump a ten-year-old boy's body into a vat of cement. Priorities.)

But, this begs the question: What happened between Christine and Arthur to make them so distant? Why do they only meet twice a year? Christine has been the reason for a lot of things, killing Lundy, almost killing Deb: but in a way you almost have to feel sorry for her: a woman so desperate to win her father's attention that she kills a man in order to protect him? Bridging on pathetic but let's give the girl a break. What could she have possibly done to offend Florida's most notorious serial killer?

The end of last week's episode leads us to believe that she is going to be taken in for questioning. The police know that she is related to Trinity, will it be revealed that she is her daughter, or will she once again attempt to protect her father? How far is Christine willing to go in order to protect the man that has neglected her for practically her entire life? She killed an innocent man to get her father to love her, my money's on her saying nothing. Apparently instability runs in the family.

-Liz Adams, BuddyTV Fan Contributor
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