Destination Truth
Destination Truth

Sci Fi Channel’s Destination Truth chronicles the adventure of Josh Gates, a known world traveler and truth seeker as he travels around the globe in search for the most bizarre phenomena. Gates investigates supernatural claims mainly in the field of cryptozoology, through interviewing the experts, talking to witnesses, studying the place’s history and immersing in the local culture.

Every week, Gates, along with his crew, travels in an international destination to prove or debunk the existence of legendary creatures in that specific location. Some of the cases that he has already investigated include the existence of a Chilean Chupacabra, the dinosaur-like creatures reported to be seen in the skies of Papua New Guinea, a haunted Village in Thailand, and the alleged Wolfman of Argentina. The show conducts two investigations every episode. First, Gates leads a group of fellow investigators in the area where they will gather information from the locals. Second, Gates and his team will attempt to gather first-hand evidence and send whatever they have recovered to experts in the United States.

In one of its episodes, Gates and his crew visit Sau Paulo, Brazil in search for the giant anaconda. Before they begin their exploration on the Amazon River, they first sought the opinion of the experts. Dr. William Ernest, coordinator of biodiversity research in Inpa says that finding a new species of life like a giant anaconda in the Amazon Forest is not impossible since 96 percent of it remains unexplored. Dr. John Francisco of the Manaus Snake Research Center has the same view. According to his record, the biggest anaconda found in the region is about eight meters (25 feet) long. After consulting the experts, Gates and his team then proceeded with their hunt. The team explored the river in a series of progressively smaller boats. Although there are sightings of different creatures in the river, Gates and his crew failed to capture a giant anaconda. The closest that they found is a five meters (15 feet) boa constrictor. Also, the violent rain did not permit them to continue with their quest. As for the analysis, Gates is convinced that unlike his past investigations, the presence of a giant anaconda is likely possible because of the huge unexplored part of the world’s largest rain forest.

Destination Truth
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-Katherine Garcia, BuddyTV Staff Columnist

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