Spoiler Alert: 'Desperate Housewives' Spoilers
Spoiler Alert: 'Desperate Housewives' Spoilers
The veteran ABC drama Desperate Housewives is currently airing its eighth and final season, and boy have we had a battery of scintillating mysteries and adventures over the years! But the fun isn't over yet, a lot of surprises are awaiting us this season!

Mary Alice

Fans of either Mary Alice's character, who started the entire series, or cyclical storytelling, rejoice! Mary Alice (Brenda Strong) will be back! Executive Producer Bob Daily teases: "Without giving anything away, Mary Alice is connected to the mystery but that's all I can say."

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Well, what do you think that connection will be? Was the entire series just in Mary Alice's imagination while she was in a coma, and will she wake up in the series finale? Or will the show, which already made a bold storytelling choice a few years back by jumping ahead in time, make an even more daring move and follow the current zombie trend? Mary Alice as a brain-eating undead woman back to haunt her former friends and neighbors? Could be an interesting final season!

Susan and Carlos

In life, as in Desperate Housewives, it turns out that if you commit a horrible crime, your bad conscience will get the best of you. At least for Susan and Carlos this means that last season's murder will be at the source of all kinds of moral dilemma and marital upheaval.

Mike (James Denton) at least doesn't like that his wife and Carlos grow so close and, in his eyes, fond of each other. Says Denton: "First Mike doesn't know what's going on. Then he thinks she's having an affair. So, it's kind of this fun marital thing where one person can't tell the other person something and they draw conclusions." As if we haven't seen that before on the show! But at least for the male gender, the murder and its cover-up have unexpectedly positive ramifications.

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Gaby, you see, is worried about a distracted Carlos. Eva Longoria explains: "Gaby tries to spice things up by taking pole dancing lessons and it doesn't quite turn out the way she plans."

So what do you think will the pole dancing debacle be? Are you excited about the new season? Sad to see the show go? What were your favorite moments of the series so far? Discuss in the comments section!

Jan Cee
Contributing Writer

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