'Desperate Housewives' Star Eva Longoria in Sex Tape Anti-Scandal
'Desperate Housewives' Star Eva Longoria in Sex Tape Anti-Scandal
Desperate Housewives' star Eva Longoria was caught off guard when rumors of a sex tape hit the internet this week and went into full out denial mode.  Despite that, a grainy night vision tape of the starlet and a mysterious curly headed man romping about on a bed has now hit wide release.  What do you say about that Eva?  Guess you really are a ‘Desperate Housewife.'

No that isn't a stand in, it is the real Eva Longoria of Desperate Housewives, but the romping might be a little bit different than the kind of stuff you might see on a Paris Hilton home video.  We have pillow fighting, Eva being balanced on her studly cohort's feet, and the duo eating some wraps. The video, as it turns out, isn't an Eva Longoria sex tape at all, but a hoax produced for Will Ferrell's website, FunnyOrDie.

In the tape, Longoria carries on with a character named Perry Hilton – gaff – and the duo go out of their way to intimate all of the sex tape clichés.  At one point, in an attempt to date the video, Longoria says she is going to be auditioning for a show named Desperate Housewives, to which Perry Hilton responds “That sounds like crap.”

Perry Hilton is a fixture of the comedy site, often appearing in segments that lampoon real life ‘caught on tape' moments.  The Longoria sex tape is a natural addition to his repertoire.

Of course, the fake tape was taken completely out of context by rumor mongers when they learned of its existence resulting a swarm of internet rumor reports that assumed the tape was the real thing.  Longoria, however, still blushed at the notion she would appear in such a compromising performance, telling Ryan Seacrest on his radio show “"It's like the non-sex video because we don't have sex... It's so funny."

- Jon Lachonis, BuddyTV Senior Writer 

(Image from funnyordie.com)