'Desperate Housewives' Soared in Ratings with its Post-Twister Episode
'Desperate Housewives' Soared in Ratings with its Post-Twister Episode
Kris De Leon
Kris De Leon
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Last Sunday, millions of viewers tuned in to Desperate Housewives not only to find out what happened to the residents of Wisteria Lane after the deadly tornado, but also to witness the last pre-strike episode of season 4. So just how many fans watched the first post-twister episode?

According to Nielsen Media Research, Desperate Housewives delivered 19.77 million total viewers and ranked number 1 in age 18-49 with its episode “Welcome to Kanagawa.”

For those who have failed to watch the 10th episode of the season, you can read about it in our episode recap.  But in a nutshell, the story focused on the aftereffects of the catastrophic tornado as residents of Wisteria started to rebuild their lives.  Lynette (Felicity Huffman) found out that Ida Greenberg (Pat Crawford Brown)sacrificed her life to save the Scavo kids when Mrs. McCluskey's house was completely destroyed, while Katherine (Dana Delany) learned that someone knows the truth about her mysterious past.

“Welcome to Kanagawa” is the only last filmed episode of the fourth season.  At the moment, no new episodes remaining are to be filmed due to the writers' strike.

Season 4 began airing on September 30, 2007 and was supposed to feature a total of 23 episodes.  But because of the protest of the Writers Guild of America, filming was affected and episodes were cut down to just 10.  The first 10 episode were filmed prior the strike, completing the broadcast of nine out of the 10 episodes on December 2, 2007.  Last November, the cast and crew of Desperate Housewives suspended production and eventually announced that the 10th episode of the season would be the last one aired until the writers' strike is resolved.

Desperate Housewives
presently stars Teri Hatcher as Susan Mayer, Felicity Huffman as Lynette Scavo, Marcia Cross as Bree Hodge, Eva Longoria Parker as Gabrielle Solis, Nicollette Sheridan as Edie Britt, Ricardo Antonio Chavira as Carlos Solis, Andrea Bowen as Julie Mayer, Doug Savant as Tom Scavo, Kyle MacLachlan as Orson Hodge, Dana Delany as Katherine Mayfair, Brenda Strong as Mary Alice Young, and James Denton as Mike Delfino.

-Kris De Leon, BuddyTV Staff Columnist

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