'Desperate Housewives' Season 8 Preview Guide: Wrapping Things Up in Wisteria Lane
'Desperate Housewives' Season 8 Preview Guide: Wrapping Things Up in Wisteria Lane
Last season on Desperate Housewives, the ladies got into even more shenanigans. Susan and Mike moved out of and back into Wisteria Lane after dealing with an ex-convict. Lynette gave birth to Paige and ran into her college frenemy Renee Perry, who revealed that she and Tom had a one-night-stand years ago. As tension rose between the couple, they decided to separate. 

Single woman Bree starts dating again and gets into heaps of trouble while Gaby taps into her dark side as she confronts the stepfather, who violated her as a child. There was murder in the finale, along with a secret kept, which is where Desperate Housewives season 8 picks up.

What to Expect on Desperate Housewives Season 8
a.k.a The Last Season of Desperate Housewives:

Desperate Housewives season 8 starts off with the ladies of Wisteria Lane getting busy hiding Alejandro's body. They swear to never reveal its whereabouts, although that doesn't guarantee the safety of the secret. Chuck gets suspicious of Bree, Gaby gets worried about Carlos and Tom gets a new apartment -- and a new girl.

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Following their separation, Lynette finds herself dealing with her sister's fiance, who works as a meditation guru. She also has a difficult time being a parent to Parker, especially with Tom away. A guilty Susan, meanwhile, has been sentenced to community service and is joined by Carlos. There might even be something going on between them.

Storylines do need to be wrapped up for the series finale, but we're not getting any glimpses of Nicolette Sheridan. The actress will not be returning to reprise her role of Edie. However, Charles Mesure is joining the cast as the contractor Ben, a romantic interest for Renee Perry. She, on the other hand, will be bonding with an elderly woman at the local senior center.

The Young family will also be a big focus of Desperate Housewives season 8. There's a major mystery surrounding them, which will soon be uncovered through flashbacks involving Mary-Alice.

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Don't forget: Desperate Housewives season 8 kicks off on September 25 on ABC.

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