Desperate Housewives: Episode 4.12 "In Buddy's Eyes" Recap
Desperate Housewives: Episode 4.12 "In Buddy's Eyes" Recap
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
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Previously on Desperate Housewives: Gabi promised ot love blind Carlos, Lynette almost had an affair with sexy chef Rick and Orson hit Mike with his car to keep his mother's murderous secret.

Tonight, as Desperate Housewives promised, one of its male stars will be parading around in his birthday suit (though since this is ABC, the naughty bits aren't shown).  If you were hoping for it to be James Denton, the newly acquired Chris Carmack or even Nathan Fillion (who fans of Firefly will remember has no qualms about exposing his backside), keep dreaming.

Bree and Katherine:

Bree (Marcia Cross) is excited about hosting the Founder's Day Ball, and her rival Katherine (Dana Delany) wants to help out. Bree agrees, though none of the other ladies thinks it's a good idea. Lynette gets the ultimate zinger: “I faced cancer and a tornado, but I'm running from this.” When the two ladies sit down to plan, it's the ultimate passive-aggressive showdown.

At the event, Bree is offended that Katherine put pears in the Waldorf salad. Overwhelmed by the fact that Katherine took over her job of presenting the Founder's Day award, Bree lets Katherine eat some spoiled dip, sending her straight to the bathroom to vomit. Bree heads in to try to convince Katherine to go home, though she refuses. Katherine surprisingly presents the award to Bree. Afterwards, Katherine tries to make up, but Bree doesn't know how to be friends with someone so similar to herself.

Carlos and Gabi:

Everyone on Wisteria Lane helps out Carlos (Ricardo Antonio Chavira), except Gabi (Eva Longoria Parker), who is already tired of dealing with her blind husband. While shopping at a cheap grocery store (because she's poor now), Gabi is suddenly happy about Carlos, because it means she can get a handicapped parking spot.

She gets her handicapped parking sign and while using it, a guy in a wheelchair chastises her. Gabi hilariously mocks him, defending herself by saying that she has to wear heels while he can just sit down all day. They get into a fight when another wheelchair guy arrives and goes to get a security guard. To get to her car, Gabi shoves the guy down the parking lot. Awful as this is, at least she admits that she's certainly going to Hell.

The next day, Gabi brings Carlos along with her on her errands, so she can justify using the handicapped spot. She forces him to stay in the car each time. When she comes out from her manicure, Carlos is missing, so she runs around yelling. He just went to get some food, but then he smells the finger nail polish and gets offended that she's exploiting his blindness. She gives a big crying speech about how hard it is for her. He eventually apologizes, and she stands by her man.

Lynette, Tom and Rick:

Rick shows up at the Scavo Pizzeria. You'll remember him as the sexy chef who tried to steal Lynette (Felicity Huffman) from Tom. He tells them he's opening his own restaurant right down the street. Tom (Doug Savant) takes this as a challenge, so he goes into overdrive wanting to beat Rick.

The cops come by to investigate some vandalism of Rick's restaurant, and Lynette covers for her obviously guilty husband. Later, Lynette confronts Tom, whose defense is that he's not over his wife's possible affair, which still eats away at him. At the Founder's Day Ball, Lynette gets a call from Andrew (Shawn Pyfrom) saying Rick's new restaurant has burned down. Conveniently, at that moment, Tom finally arrives at the ball.


Orson (Kyle MacLachlan) visits Mike, and though Mike still doesn't remember their past, Orson does, particularly the part about hitting Mike (James Denton) with a car to keep him from revealing his knowledge about Orson's mom killing Orson's mistress. In the middle of the night while staying with Susan, Orson wakes up and goes into the kitchen, completely naked. He repeats “I had to do something” in a catatonic state while Susan (Teri Hatcher) acts mortified at the sight of her nude neighbor.

The next morning, Orson doesn't remember any of it when Susan confronts him. Bree doesn't believe her either, thinking Susan had a naughty dream about Orson. The next night, Susan finds naked Orson on the lawn. This time, he's muttering an apology to Mike. Susan slaps him to wake him from his sleepwalk.

When Julie (Andrea Bowen) gets home from the Founder's Day Ball, she finds sleepwalking Orson, who says, “I'm sorry I ran you over, Mike.”

Next week on Desperate Housewives: Carlos gets a seeing-eye dog, Tom fights Rick and Mike confronts Orson about running him over.

-John Kubicek, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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