Desperate Housewives: Episode 4.7 "You Can't Judge a Book by Its Cover" Recap
Desperate Housewives: Episode 4.7 "You Can't Judge a Book by Its Cover" Recap
After the recaps, this weeks episode of Desperate Housewives starts with Victor sitting in his office brooding over the pictures of Gabi and Carlos. The Mary Alice voiceover tells us about how Victor is used to using deception to get what he wants, but he's just found out that his wife is also skilled in it. So this weeks episode is going to be all about deception ...

As Gabi enters the house after a shopping trip, Carlos calls her on the cell phone. She tries to blow him off and then catches sight of Victor in the doorway. She tells him that it was Bree on the phone. He sees on her cellphone that it was Carlos. He suggests a weekend out on the boat to celebrate their reconciliation and she agrees. He tells her, though, that she can't tell anyone.

The next day at Lynette's house, Bree introduces the girls to her 'son' Benjamin and tells them that she gave birth in the middle of the night. Lynette also tells the girls about her remission from cancer. As they begin to celebrate, Lynette's mother, Stella, walks downstairs in her bathrobe with some strange guy she picked up in a bar, who happens to be wearing Tom's bathrobe.

Mike and Susan are supposed to be having dinner at Bree and Orson's. Mike's tired and doesn't want to go, but Susan insists. Mike takes some kind of pills upstairs in the bathroom and gets ready to go.

At Bree's, Mike is astounded by the expensive baby talk at the table. Bree tells him that the best preschools will cost about $10,000 per year. She also tells them about their friends upcoming Bris for their new baby and Orson says that he won't go. He doesn't believe in ritual mutilation, which is how he sees circumcision. Seems his mother had him circumcised when he was 5 and he still remembers it. Bree catches Mike in the kitchen taking pills and he tells her that it's just aspirin. He drops one in his haste to hide them and Bree picks it up.

The next day, Gabi discovers that Victor has moved his boat from the Yacht club to some pier. He also tells her that there will be no crew.

Lynette tells her mom that it's time for her to go, but her mom tells her that she has nowhere to go. It seems that Lynette's sister has kicked her out, too.

Julie tells Susan that Dylan is doing research on her dad for a school project. Susan then tells her what Catherine told them all at that party about him being abusive. Dylan overhears.

Bree looks up the pill that Mike dropped in her pill book. She then calls Susan and arranges to go over and talk.

Susan confronts Mike with the information that Bree found out. Mike tells her that he just had a couple of pills left from when he hurt his shoulder and that every now and then he gets twinges. She believes him.

Bree takes Benjamin to the doctor to get him circumcised only to find out that Orson has drafted this letter and sent it certified mail to all the doctors and hospitals even in neighboring states. The letter tells the doctors concerned that he does not agree with circumcision and does not give his permission.

Catherine walks into her home to see Dylan working on her laptop. When she realizes who Dylan is researching, she goes to close it, but Dylan stops her. They have a physical confrontation and Dylan tells her that she is going to do the research and that she's officially not scared of her mother anymore.

Susan tells Bree what Mike said and Bree tells her about all the tricks and deceptions she used when she was drinking. Susan goes through her house trying to find Mike's stash and finally finds a baggie full of pills stuffed in Mike's flashlight.

Lynette has invited her sister, Lydia, to lunch with her and her mother. Her ulterior motive was to convince Lydia to take her mother back into her home, but Lydia refuses. Lynette tricks her and tells them that she's going to find the waiter. As Stella and Lydia sit in the restaurant, Lynette sneaks out and takes Stella's suitcases from her trunk and puts them in Lydia's trunk. Then she drives off.

Carlos goes to Edie's to retrieve a painting that he left. She's destroyed it by putting a big hole in the middle. He tells her that he knows she's mad, but she interrupts him by telling him that Victor is the one that was mad when she showed him the pictures of him and Gabi.

John Slattery and Eva Longoria Parker Carlos then phones Gabi and tells her what Edie said. She is not convinced that he knows until she realizes that he has her out on that boat all alone and he wouldn't let her tell anyone. Gabi tries to get Victor to take her back, but he refuses. He tells her that he knows everything. He reaches into a bag for something and Gabi panics. She uses an oar and knocks him overboard then takes off back to shore.

Catherine apparently has a change of heart about Dylan's research project. She tells her that on the piece of paper in her hand is everything that Dylan needs to find her father. In return for the paper, Dylan must promise not to tell her dad where Catherine is or ever bring him back to the house. She tells Dylan a tale about the last time she saw him, how he was abusive and that he threatened her life. Dylan is suitably moved and tells her mother that they can talk to her teacher in the morning and get another assignment. Once Dylan leaves the room, Catherine opens the paper and we see that it's blank. She gets that little smirk that I hate so much on her face.

Lynette is in the treehouse with her kids when she sees her two sisters, Lydia and Lucy, try to dump Stella and her luggage on Lynette's front porch. When she catches them they go inside to 'discuss' what to do.

Bree takes Benjamin to the Bris and convinces the rabbi that she's Jewish and to circumcise Benjamin right there. Once the deed is done, she goes back home and casually drops that information on Orson. He's very upset and they have an argument over whose wishes should be considered. She tells him that she considered his wishes, but that since Benjamin has her blood, her wishes supersede his. Whoa ... he's hurt by that, and so he should be. He tells her his feelings and how he considers himself Benjamin's dad. He's gone through it all with her. She backs down and presents Benjamin to Orson ... his father.

Carlos runs to the dock and Gabi tells him what happened. She tells him that he had a gun and she panicked. When they can't find the gun, they go back out in the boat to rescue Victor.

Lynette's mom eavesdrops on the girls all saying how they don't want her. Before she can find out that Lynette really does love her and agrees to take her, she leaves in a taxi.

Carlos and Gabi find Victor and pull him back aboard. Victor and Carlos argue and Carlos taunts him. Victor blindsides Carlos and punches him. Then he picks up a knife and threatens to use it on him but Gabi clocks him again with the paddle and he goes overboard. This time, though, he doesn't surface.

Six hours later, Gabi and Carlos are sitting on the dock after unsuccessfully looking for Victor. They decide on a story that Gabi tells him that she's leaving and that he despondently takes off on his boat alone. Only problem is that the boat is at the dock, so they send it back out to sea empty.

Susan waits up for Mike and when he gets home, she shows him his stash. He tells her that he didn't tell her about the pills because he didn't want her to feel guilty. After he put in a water heater at the McCluskey's he hurt himself and the doctor wanted him to take a break. He felt that he couldn't stop working because that was when they found out that Susan was pregnant and all he's been hearing about is baby expenses and $10,000 preschools. She tells him that all the baby needs is a healthy, clean daddy and Mike pours the pills down the kitchen drain.

This weeks Desperate Housewives ends with the Mary Alice voiceover telling us about deception and we see scenes of Bree and the baby, Mike trying to find the pills in the drain and Gabi and Carlos watching the boat go out to sea.

In two weeks on Desperate Housewives, we see newspaper headlines about the Mayor Missing. Edie trying to cast some suspicion on it and a tornado whips through Wisteria Lane.

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