Carlos Solis
Carlos Solis

Ricardo Antonio Chavira
as Carlos Solis

Carlos Solis is played by Ricardo Antonio Chavira on the drama series, Desperate Housewives. Carlos was a successful businessman and the husband of former fashion model, Gabrielle. Although it seemed to many that he and Gabrielle had it all going for them, the truth about Carlos’ illegal slave labor eventually surfaced, which consequently sent their relationship on a downward spiral.

It was clear that Carlos cared deeply for Gabrielle, but when he was arrested, she was forced to start working for money. She began to resent Carlos, and when he was sent home on house arrest, he frustrated her even more when he started talking about having children. Although Carlos knew that Gabrielle did not want to bear children, his strong desire to have a baby led him to tamper with Gabrielle’s birth control pills. Unbeknownst to him, Gabrielle was having an affair with their teenage gardener, John Rowland. When she found out she was pregnant, she publicly confronted Carlos about the birth control pills, but instead of feeling embarrassed or apologetic, Carlos displayed a great amount of satisfaction.

Aside from being devious, Carlos also has a bad temper and an even worse jealous streak. When he started to sense Gabrielle’s infidelity, he decided to take matters into his own hands, which consequently led him to wrongfully accuse (and assault) two gay men, namely their cable guy and John’s friend, Justin. His mother, who had never been fond of Gabrielle, further caused him to lose trust in his wife. After his mother’s death, he roughly forced Gabrielle to sign a post-nuptial agreement, in the hopes of securing his money in the event of a separation.

Although the Solis’ tried hard to work on their marriage, the emotional turmoil created by Gabrielle’s miscarriage, their failed adoption and Carlos’ infidelity with their maid Xiao-Mei were enough to make Gabrielle file for a divorce. Carlos moved in with Mike Delfino, and despite still harboring feelings for Gabrielle, has begun dating again. After some time, he met Edie Britt’s son, Travers McLain, and their encounter reawakened his desire to have children.

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