'Big Brother 16' Recap: Brittany's Bad Day and Cody's Bad Decision
'Big Brother 16' Recap: Brittany's Bad Day and Cody's Bad Decision
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
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Much like with Project Runway, on Big Brother 16 you're either in or you're out. From the ashes of the Bomb Squad, the Detonators have risen to power, with connections to Amber, Caleb, Hayden and Nicole. That leaves Jocasta, Donny, Brittany and Victoria on the outside.

In this episode, the Power of Veto continues to illustrate this pattern as Zach and Caleb take prizes, Brittany gets one of the worst punishments in the history of the show (on top of being the target) and Cody almost makes a big (and smart) move, but Frankie the weasel and Derrick the magician are there to stop it.

Caleb vs. Coder

First, kudos to the voiceover guy for calling out Frankie as a rat. But I'm disappointed that they're still trying to make us think nominating Amber as a "physical threat" was a success for Team America.

After the Battle of the Block, Brittany knows she's all alone and can't trust anyone, and Zach speaks for the audience when he says there's nothing she can do about it. However, Brittany does get Caleb as an ally by sympathizing with his crush on Amber and making him agree that Victoria is useless and doesn't deserve to be there.

There's more of the "Caleb is jealous of Cody and Amber" storyline, this time with the world's greatest visual. We see the back of Caleb's head as he twirls a plastic dagger in his hands, watching Cody and Amber (or Coder) rubbing each other and holding hands. The Big Brother 16 editors hit pay dirt with that moment.

This was fun for a while, but I'm so over Caleb whining about how Amber doesn't love him. Everyone else in the house knows she doesn't like him at all. The situation is making Cody really want to target Caleb because he knows the Beast-Mode Cowboy will come after him over this stuff.

The Power of Veto Competition

Nicole and Zach get picked to play. Brittany gets HG's Choice and picks Caleb (because he looks yummy in his shirt), but it makes everyone, especially Cody, suspicious.

The competition is inspired by the World Cup and they're informed that Germany won. In each round, the HGs use a foot machine to kick a ball into a net with different point values. The lowest score of each round is eliminated and gets a prize, but later people can steal prizes. In other words, it's entirely based in blind luck.

Round 1: Cody (the soccer player) is out first and gets the Power of Veto.

Round 2: Brittany is out second and gets a Penalty Kick, meaning she must get kicked in the butt 10 times by a machine whenever a whistle blows in the next 24 hours. She trades it to Cody for the PoV.

Round 3: Zach is out third and gets a vacation to Germany. He keeps it and asks the ladies at home to hit him up if they want a free trip (though Frankie also hopes to be Zach's date).

Round 4: Nicole is out fourth and gets Goal Oriented, meaning she must score 2,400 soccer goals in 24 hours or she can't compete for the PoV next week. She trades it to Brittany for the PoV.

Round 5: Victoria is out fifth and gets $5,000. She trades it to Nicole for the PoV.

Caleb wins and gets the Germa-tard, a Germany-themed unitard he must wear for a week. He trades it to Nicole for the $5,000.

Victoria wins the Power of Veto...because Caleb didn't take it. Everyone, especially Cody and Donny, are mad at him for not being a team player and taking the PoV. That's definitely a selfish move and now he puts Cody in the crappy position of having to pick a replacement nominee.

Afterwards, Cody and Zach really want to put up Caleb because he was a jerk and took the money, forcing Cody to get more blood on his hands. Frankie, the rat and weasel, freaks out because he spent a lot of time cultivating Caleb as a vote for him and doesn't want him to go home.

The Punishments

Brittany spends the whole day and night (and day again) kicking goals. It's grueling and looks so painful. She does about 1,000 in the first 12 hours. She breaks down at 2,000 goals, soaking her very sore foot in the pool. However, she is determined to prove that she can do anything and never gives up. That's admirable, but probably not the best strategy since she needs to convince people she should stay. Her strength and determination are great reasons to get rid of her. However, she finishes her 2,400 kicks and everyone cheers.

Cody gets kicked in the butt a lot, with Frankie offering to massage it. We get it, Frankie loves rubbing dudes' butts. Nicole looks cute in a liederhosen unitard and must carry a beer stein.

Team America Mission

The new mission is basically just silly sabotage. The options are:

-Hide a HG's personal items and convince them to blame someone else

-Play puppet master and get two people to fight at the nomination or PoV ceremony

I guess those aren't as bad as last week and could lead to some fun.

Cody (Almost) Makes a Big Move

Donny talks to Zach and Hayden about how Caleb deserves to be the replacement nominee and go home for taking the money and being a huge threat. Zach is totally on board and pushes Cody hard to do it. But Derrick and Frankie both want to keep Caleb safe because he's a number on their side. They don't seem to care that Caleb is very likely going to come after Cody over the whole Amber situation.

Basically, Cody and Zach think Cody should do what's best for his individual game, but Derrick and Frankie push for him to do what's best for them (or the Detonators). The hilarious part is that Derrick and Frankie both push for Donny to be nominated, even though he's technically in the Team America alliance with them. So obviously Team America is a complete joke.

The morning of the PoV ceremony, Donny and Cody have a frank conversation in the HoH room. Donny encourages him to play his own game, not just do what everyone else wants him to do. Cody seems moved and promises not to put Donny up. Donny makes one mistake, however, saying he wouldn't hold it against Cody, he'd hold it against the people who made him do it.

Cody goes outside and announces to Frankie, Hayden and Nicole that Caleb is going up. Frankie freaks out and runs to Derrick, asking him to flip Cody back. When Derrick talks to Cody, Cody calls Frankie a weasel. Derrick only has a matter of minutes to work his magic and convince Cody that Brittany will come after them, but Caleb won't.

The Power of Veto Ceremony

In the end, Derrick's magic must've worked. Victoria uses the Power of Veto to save herself and Cody nominates Donny.

Ugh. As soon as Cody names Donny, Brittany's head falls because she knows she's gone while Frankie can't help but let out a smirk. Donny is eager to get to the bottom of who manipulated Cody into this decision. Meanwhile, Frankie smugly says that he's happy Cody's "ego" didn't sway him. If by "ego" you mean "making a smart move for his individual game," then yes.

Also, Frankie can't even muster any real emotion when saying that it sucks that a member of Team America is on the block. Stop trying to save face, we all know you're the reason Donny is on the block and this tiny soundbite isn't going to make us think you actually care about Team America. I know Frankie's grandpa just died in the real world and I do feel sympathy for him, but it's hard because Frankie is so weasely and annoying in this episode. I mean, he almost literally kissed the HoH's ass.

Tomorrow on Big Brother 16: Brittany goes home in what I assume will be the third unanimous vote of the season.

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