'Big Brother 16' HG Derrick Levasseur's Grandfather Dies
'Big Brother 16' HG Derrick Levasseur's Grandfather Dies
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
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For the second time this week, the Big Brother 16 house has learned of tragic news. HG Frankie Grande's grandfather passed away earlier this week, and now, on the live feeds, fellow HG Derrick Levasseur has learned that his grandfather has passed away as well.

The live feeds went down temporarily on Friday evening, and when they returned, the house was in silence. Derrick, an undercover cop, received a letter informing him that his grandfather had died, which is the same situation that unfolded Wednesday evening with Frankie.

While Frankie cried a lot and received joy from telling everyone about what a wonderful man his grandfather was, Derrick and the other HGs simply sat in complete silence. It's hard to imagine such tragedy striking two HGs two days apart.

Making it more emotional, Derrick purposefully lost the HoH competition yesterday, letting Frankie win so that he could see photos of his grandfather.

Following their silence, Derrick spoke to Frankie about the situation. He explained that his family isn't as close as Frankie's, so his family doesn't really need him at this time, and the funeral is this Sunday.

Both Frankie and Derrick are also members of Team America, a secret three-person alliance in which the viewers voted for their three favorite HGs.

This compounded tragedy certainly makes Big Brother 16 an unusual season, and it's hard to imagine the game continuing the same way.

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