Peter Reckell Talks About the Fate of His 'Days' Character
Peter Reckell Talks About the Fate of His 'Days' Character
On yesterday's Days of our Lives, Bo was released from the hospital, even though he has yet to be diagnosed.  His release was permitted so that he could attend Grandpa Shawn's (Frank Parker) funeral, which, as expected, was emotional and tearful, especially for Bo, who is convinced that he is to blame for his father's death.  With that burden on his shoulders and a still unidentified illness, Bo's future seems bleak.

Today's episode of Days of our Lives will finally reveal what it is that's wrong with Bo, and actor Peter Reckell, who originated the role in 1983, shared his own thoughts about his current storyline.

(Warning: spoilers ahead)

"There's something wrong with his pancreas, but they can't figure out what it is," Peter Reckell told New York Daily News after explaining that although Bo manages to make it through the funeral, but collapses during the wake held at the Brady pub.

Reckell, 52, also said that he isn't as nervous about being let go from Days of our Lives as he could be, despite the fact that his character could die.

"If it was pancreatic cancer, we would know Bo isn't going to make it because you don't survive pancreatic cancer,” he said.

One disease that is out of the picture is pancreatitis.

“It can't be that,” Peter Reckell said, “because the reason you get pancreatitis is usually because you're an alcoholic,” something that Bo is not.

Reckell also revealed that Bo's pancreatic illness has been written as the result of the “motorcycle crash that [also] broke his collarbone. So they have a whole bunch of things that they're throwing out there."

As nothing is still certain with regards to Bo's health, Peter Reckell is also wrestling with the question of who exactly will take over the family pub now that Grandpa Shawn is gone.

"Max steps in, and Ma's running things, but I'm not sure they have decided who's going to take over,” he said.  “Maybe it'll be Bo, because police work will be too strenuous on his health."

-Lisa Claustro, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
Source: The New York Daily News
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