'Days' Star Talks About Character and the Emmys
'Days' Star Talks About Character and the Emmys
The firing of Days of our Lives veteran Drake Hogestyn (John Black) came as a shock to fans of the soap, as well as to series actress Deidre Hall, who portrays John's now widowed wife, Marlena Evans Black.  On the upside, however, Hogestyn's on-screen death has opened the doors to a number of meaty and juicy storylines for Hall, and has placed her on the forefront of the daytime drama once again.

Deidre Hall admits that she is “not terribly clear” about the direction her character will take now that John has passed, but thinks it somewhere along the lines of seeking revenge.

Warning: may contain spoilers.

“I believe I'm playing Jodie Foster, à la The Brave One: I'm out for the man who killed my man,” Hall told TV Guide Canada.  “And, of course, any kind of revenge story is great to play as an actor.  Marlena's quietly and fiercely empowered — and since she has nothing to lose, she has enormous strength.”

Deidre Hall also said that at this time, her character is more focused on “getting even with Stefano [Joseph Mascolo],” and trying to end the Brady-DiMera feud, which, Hall said, is rooted in Stefano's love for Marlena.

“Stefano's the one she's after, and vice versa,” she told TV Guide Canada.  “Stefano's a moth to a flame — he can't look away from her.  We're going to see an interesting struggle between two people and a fight to the death.”

Now that Deidre Hall is on the forefront of Days of our Lives, many are wondering if the 60-year-old actress is submitting herself for a daytime Emmy nomination this year.  Surprisingly, Hall said that she will continue to keep herself out of the race, mainly because she deems being nominated for and winning the prestigious award to be an “impossible dream.”

“It's a numbers game,” Hall said of the awards process.  “I want the audience to know that we're slighted on Emmy day because the Academy is compromised of actors on each show, and actors on each soap vote for their network — and now NBC only has one soap opera, [Days of our Lives], so we don't have a chance.  Networks with four soaps are going to dominate — end of story.  It's not going to happen for us.”

While fans may be disappointed that Hall will not be receiving an Emmy anytime soon, they can take solace in the fact that she has no plans of leaving Days of our Lives at this time.

“I'm still happy where I am,” she said. “My career on [Days of our Lives] allows me to have chunks of time off, a wonderful life, and an opportunity to play a great character all at the same time.  Thanks to [the show], I get to spend time with my friends, family, and children.  I have the best of all possible worlds.  And I have no need to rock that boat.”

-Lisa Claustro, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
Source: TV Guide.ca
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