Days of Our Lives: Spoilers for October 22-26
Days of Our Lives:  Spoilers for October 22-26
This week on Days of Our Lives, everyone, including fans of the long-running daytime soap, is still reeling with the aftershock of John's passing.  But there is little time to just sit in a corner to weep over his death.  Even for Marlena.  Especially for Marlena, whose week will be off to a hectic and eventful start with Sami's pregnancy.

Read on for an entire week's worth of spoilers as the sand of time continue to fall on Days of Our Lives.

On Monday, Sami's water breaks and she goes into labor.  Belle and Phillip share a kiss at the church.  Steve, Kayla and Phillip discover the reason why Pocket/Tyler has fallen ill.

On Tuesday, Marlena helps deliver Sami's twins.  Lucas arrives as the first twin comes into the world.  Kate and EJ follow soon after.  Meanwhile, Phillip and Belle take their relationship deeper by making love.

Still more spoilers, on Wednesday, EJ points out that the twins don't look alike and Marlena slaps him in response.  However, she admonishes Sami to get a DNA test done on the babies to determine their paternity.  Belle is consumed with guilt over sleeping with Phillip.

On Thursday, a suspect is tracked down for John's hit and run.  Hope chances upon Belle in the middle of a meltdown over her indiscretion, while Shawn and Phillip get into a brawl over her.

Finally, on Friday, Chelsea is attacked.  EJ recommends that Sami and Lucas head to Santo Domingo to secure a divorce.  Lucas is bent on changing his name to Horton.

In additional spoilers for this week's Days of Our Lives, doctors tell everyone that baby Pocket/Tyler has a rare genetic illness called MMA, which is the reason behind his ailment.  They see him with his new foster parents and Phillip wonders whether the child would be better off with them.

Bo tries to dissuade Shawn from joining the academy and later, Shawn finds out that his admission has been deferred.  He then tells Hope that he's been kept out of the academy for the time being.

Finally, Chelsea and Stephanie move into the sorority house and Cordy announces that she wants to quit school.

-Rosario Santiago, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
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