Days of our Lives: September 27 Live Thoughts
Days of our Lives: September 27 Live Thoughts
Steve is released from the hospital today on Days of our Lives.  Bo is there to help him come home.  Lucas shows up, hobbling on crutches, looking for Sami who said that she's meet him there.  Sami and EJ are giving a statement to the police about accidentally shooting Lucas in the leg.  The police officer is sympathetic and trusts that it was an accident.  She reassures Sami that everyone on the force is helping to look for her father.  Sami then gives EJ the folio to read.

Gramps is at the cemetery and happens upon Stefano DiMera there.  They both regret ever having met the other.

Gramps and Stefano have nothing to say to each other.  Except that Gramps asks where Roman is.  Stefano doesn't know.  Stefano says he's in a truth-telling mood tonight, and won't leave Gramps alone.  He reminisces that they have known each other for half a century.  Stefano suggests that they help each other.

At the pub, Hope reads Santo's final letter to Coleen.

Lucas, at the hospital, knows that Bo is keeping something from him.  There is something in the folio that involves Sami and EJ that Lucas will not like.  There are wedding rings and a marriage license for Santo and Coleen, as well as a hand-written note written by Santo.  Santo instructed his son Stefano to seek vengeance until Coleen and EJ's souls are joined and at peace.  Sami looks just like Coleen and EJ looks just like Santo.  So Stefano will consider the vendetta ended if Sami and EJ get married.  Sami says that she'll do it.

Sami says that she loves her family and doesn't want to let them suffer if she can do anything about it.  Sami vows that she loves Lucas and she will never love EJ, but she has to do this to save his father's life.

In the past, Santo is alone in a strange land.  Coleen has run away from Santo and refuses to see him.

Stefano tells Gramps that probably went too far in getting revenge on the Bradys.  He says that they both know that it was just a few words that started the vendetta in the first place.

Lucas now knows what Sami is going to do and leaves to do something about it.  Bo knows that Sami will do whatever it takes to get her dad back.  Bo gets a call from his man following Stefano.  Bo is going to go to the cemetery and asks Steve to hang out at the hospital and wait for Abe.

Stefano and Gramps remembers that young Stefano told young Gramps that his mother is still alive and well in Italy.  They realized that if he hadn't said that, they could have been raised as brothers.

Still in the past, Santo finds young Gramps at the beach while he is looking for Coleen.  Santo tries to make nice with young Gramps.  James Scott is really enjoying his unfortunate Italian accent.  He tells him of all the plans he has for their family, but that Santo must see Coleen again.

Sami tells EJ that the marriage will be strictly business.  They will not share a bed.  Sami warns him that it won't be all fun because he will soon be trapped in a marriage to a woman who doesn't love her.  She says that she can't imagine a worse hell than that.  Right, because it's not like infidelity is such a rare occurrence on Days of our Lives.  They agree to the marriage, just as Lucas arrives.

Lucas doesn't want Sami to even consider marrying EJ.  He thinks that it's a no-brainer that she would stay faithful to him.  He's very cold; he says that he's way beyond angry.  I really don't think he's seeing the big picture here.  Yes, Sami is in a crummy situation, but Lucas has to understand how much she wants her father back alive.

In the past, Santo tries to bribe young Gramps with his gold watch if he convinces Coleen to talk to him one last time.  Young Gramps throws the watch down and runs away.  The letter readers at the pub can't figure out what young Gramps could have said to make Coleen run away from Santo.

Stefano remembers that after this incident, Santo became a bitter and angry man.  When Coleen died, and Santo because a bitter man, Stefano was left alone and neglected, given no love.  Gramps retorts that it was all Stefano's fault, though, because he murdered Coleen.

At the hospital, Steve and Abe finally figure out that Andre must have taken Roman away in a coffin.  They leave to go the cemetery to dig him up.

The pub crew ask Hope to read the last letter from Coleen.  Coleen wrote that Santo a wolf in sheep's garb and betrayed her.  She thanked God for young Gramps who told her the truth.

At the cemetery, Stefano and Gramps fight about who was responsible Coleen's death.  Bo shows up and manhandles Stefano.  But Gramps tells Bo to let him go, that the fight is between himself and Stefano.  Stefano says that he came here to try to make peace, but finds out that it is impossible.  He reminds Gramps that he was willing to end it.

In the past, Coleen is about to take her final vows to become a nun.  With her bad Irish accent, she pronounces "church" as "chorch."  She tells the priest that she still loves Santo, but will try to forget about him.

Stefano is in his limo when Sami and EJ join him.  Sami says that the marriage is not about love, it's about ending the vendetta.  And she says that he must start the reconciliation by returning her father.

Bo and friends dig up Roman.

Stefano solemnly warns Sami that once she begins the process of ending the vendetta, there is no turning back.  She understands that, but she has terms of her own.  She agrees to marry EJ, but only after her father is returned to her, and only if no DiMera ever hurts a Brady ever again.  Stefano instructs her to get divorce papers ready to divorce Lucas.  She storms out of the limo.  Meanwhile, Lucas is alone and vows not to let Sami go through with it.

At the pub, Gramps arrives and announces that it is time that he tell them all how he killed Coleen.

Next on Days of our Lives: Gramps tells his tale, Steve vows that Andre will not get away with his evildoing.

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