Days of our Lives: September 24 Live Thoughts
Days of our Lives: September 24 Live Thoughts
Today on Days of our Lives, Bo calls Abe to tell him that he had to leave Steve with a stab wound.  He doesn't know where he is.  Abe says that he is headed to Kayla's anyway (because Kayla called him regarding Jeremy) and he says he'll tell her about Steve as well.

Steve arrives at home, bleeding profusely.  Stephanie and Kayla frantically drag him in.

Lucas and Sami are at the pub.  She has made up flyers to help find Roman who is still missing.  Sami entreats everyone there to help look for them.  Lucas is worried that Sami is stressing too much, especially with the twins she's carrying.  EJ arrives shortly to help out, but Lucas is none too happy to see him.

Max macks on a pretty blond girl, but Chelsea interrupts and crotch blocks him.  She is indignant that he is such a player especially with Stephanie.

Stephanie has called the paramedics to come, but Steve doesn't look too great.

Bo is snooping around an abandoned looking warehouse and he sees Andre there too.

Chelsea continues to grill Max about Stephanie.  Max isn't talking to Stephanie right now because he's afraid of getting burned by her.  He knows that as soon as Jeremy is back, it'll be over for Max.

Steve is still yelling that he needs to call Bo to save him.  Remind me never to go to Kayla and Stephanie after I get stabbed because they don't think to apply pressure to his wound.  They finally let Steve call whoever he needs to call.

Bo calls Abe to report about Abe's whereabouts.  Abe is right outside Steve and Kayla's apartment, by the way.  Bo wants to bust in the warehouse to get Andre, but Abe tells him to stay put until he gets back up.

Sami tells Lucas and EJ to plaster the town with flyers.  Lucas isn't happy to be working with EJ, but he has no choice because he doesn't want Sami to go with him.  She tearfully tells both of them to please find her father.

Chelsea continues to pester Max about Stephanie, but he is not interested in talking anymore.

Sami momentarily experiences some pain as they twins are kicking up a storm inside her.  Lucas tries to stay with her, but she insists that they both go to find Roman.

Bo is still waiting outside the warehouse when Steve calls him.  The timeline on Days of our Lives is always  very unclear: Abe was just outside Steve's door, but hasn't yet come in.  Steve tells Bo to sit tight and he'll join him in ten minutes.

Abe, who has been, like, picking his nose in the hallway or something, finally comes in.  Abe is able to quiet Steve down by telling him that he sent back up to Bo.  Abe tries to ask her about Jeremy and tell her that harboring a fugitive is a crime.  She doesn't want to talk about it right now.  Abe gets a call about Bo, so he leaves to take it.

Bo is just about at the end of his patience and is about to go and bust Andre, but right at that moment, EJ and Lucas come walking by with their flyers.  They open the door to the warehouse, and Andre comes out and grabs Lucas, holding a gun to his head.  Bo jumps out and pulls out his gun.  They are in a standoff.

Sami calls every hospital in the phone book but all in vain because she doesn't find anything out about Roman's whereabouts.  Grandpa Shawn shows up, and Sami begs him to tell her what happened to Colleen that started the vendetta between the two families.

Steve asks Stephanie to tell him the truth about Jeremy, but Stephanie refuses to say anything.  Steve loses consciousness and the paramedics arrive.

Back at the warehouse, Bo hands over his gun to save Lucas.

Max finally gets interested in what Chelsea is saying when she says that Stephanie really likes him.  She's not sure if Stephanie likes him enough to stop thinking about Jeremy, but Chelsea thinks it's a risk worth taking.  He sighs.

Sami is still begging Gramps for the information about the vendetta.  Gramps says that it's not fear that has been holding his tongue, it's shame.  Sami assures him that the family will still love him no matter what he's done.  Ali Sweeney is madly chewing the scenery here.

Stephanie offers to take care of the baby so that Kayla can go to the hospital with Steve.

At the warehouse scene, the men hear helicopters coming with Bo's back up.  Andre tells Bo that Roman is inside the warehouse, bound and gagged, but he only has a matter of seconds to save him.  Andre pulls the pin of a grenade and throws it into the warehouse.  Bo runs in to save Roman, whom we all know is not in the warehouse anyway, but the grenade goes off and Bo is thrown backwards.  Andre takes Lucas and EJ as hostages.

Stephanie tells Kayla that she is still mad at her for narcing on Jeremy, but there are times when family comes first.  Kayla returns the sentiment, and they have a touching mother-daughter moment.  Kayla is grateful that her daughter is mature enough to watch the baby.  After Kayla leaves, Stephanie calls Jeremy and leaves a voicemail.

Bo is okay after the explosion.  Abe is finally on the scene.  Andre is gone with his two hostages, but Bo was able to recover the folio from Ireland, which might be able to end the vendetta and find Roman.

Gramps refuses to tell Sami what she desperately wants to hear and leaves the pub.  Immediately thereafter, Andre comes in.  Andre, succeeding in twirling his mustache even though he is clean-shaven, gives Sami a Sophie's choice.  He instructs her to meet him tonight at nine o'clock and she must choose who gets to live, Lucas or EJ.  If she bring along any cops, then he'll kill her father.  She tries to run after him, but the twins start kicking and she doubles over in pain.

Next on Days of our Lives: Chelsea and Nick flirt, Steve wants to talk to Stephanie about Jeremy, Bo tells Sami that she's not going to like what he found out from the folio.

-Debbie Chang, BuddyTV Staff Writer
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