Days of our Lives: September 20 Live Thoughts
Days of our Lives: September 20 Live Thoughts
Days of our Lives is back again today with Abe at Jett's bedside in the hospital.  They are reading the paper and the front page story is about Stefano DiMera being laid to rest (although it was only a fake funeral).

Stephanie and Chelsea are at the hospital as well to bring flowers to Jett.  Stephanie teases Chelsea about Jett, saying that Chelsea should dress up as a candy striper for him.  Chelsea confesses that Jett told her that he loved her when they were in the ambulance.

Meanwhile, Stefano swears bloody revenge against all the Bradys.  Steve comes in and reminds him sardonically that he forgot to swear vengeance on Roman too.

Kayla comes home with Pocket and finds an errant can of soda on the table.  It is Jeremy's can, and the gig is almost up for him.

Back to Stefano's clandestine meeting with his henchmen, which Steve has just crashed.  He reminds everyone that Roman disappeared the same night that he said he was going to go after Andre.

Kayla indeed does catch Jeremy at the apartment.  He says that he didn't break in; Stephanie let him in.

At the hospital, Abe tells Jett that the ISA is going to relieve him of his duty because he messed up in the field, letting Rawlings slip through his fingers.  Outside his room, Stephanie challenges Chelsea to go visit Jett in his room and ask him if he really meant it when he said that he loved her.

Jett is still very disappointed in his losing his job with the ISA.  Abe says that Jett let his feelings for Chelsea get in the way of his first big case.  Abe tells him that he put lives at risk, so he's definitely out of a job now.  Abe advises him to go home after he recovers from the gunshot wound, but he wants Jett to prove himself.

Jeremy tells Kayla that he's only staying there temporarily.  He says that it was all his idea, but Kayla doesn't believe him.  He apologizes for endangering Stephanie, but Jeremy says that he's leaving.  But Kayla doesn't let him leave because she wants to call the police on him.

Steve and Stefano discuss the Bradys.  Steve tells Stefano that there is no love lost between him and Roman.

Chelsea and Stephanie finally go into Jett's room.  As soon as she walks in, Chelsea asks to speak to Abe outside.  She apologizes for screwing up his nephew's case.  Abe says that she wasn't responsible for that, but she was responsible for helping to save Jett's life.

Inside the room, Stephanie rehash their airplane experience.  Jett apologizes for everything.  He says that he will track Jeremy down as soon as he's out of the hospital.

Stefano is really pissed that Steve faked stabbing him and making him wake up in a coffin.  Stefano yells that he will crush Steve like a bug.

Jeremy, meanwhile, is getting chewed out by Kayla for messing up Stephanie's life.  Kayla picks up the phone to call the cops, but he grabs her hand, saying, "You don't want to do that, Mrs. J."

Stefano stands up in a rage, while his German physician Rolf tells him to keep seated.  Steve whispers to the cop who is guarding Stefano to call Bo Brady, that Bo knows the full scoop.

Jett now has two lovely ladies at his bedside.  Stephanie not so subtly asks Jett if he remembers anything after he got shot.  He doesn't remember saying I love you to Chelsea.  Sadly.  At the same time, Jeremy begs Kayla not to sic the cops on him.  He secretly calls Stephanie's cell behind his back, and when she picks him, she hears him begging her mother not to turn him in.  Chelsea and Jett wonder what's going on with Stephanie.  Jett asks her to put it on speakerphone.  What kind of person asks that?  Invading her privacy much?  Stephanie makes an excuse that it's her mom about Pocket and leaves.  Jett is glad that Steph is gone now, because he can talk to Chelsea alone about the night he was shot.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, Kayla starts giving some mother-ish advice to Jeremy.  She thinks it might be better if he tried to live up to being a Horton.  It wouldn't be Days of our Lives if there weren't some sort of family-related drama in every scene.

Steve tells Stefano that Abe and Bo and going to go after Andre and take the leather folio that contains the secret to ending the DiMera's vendetta against the Bradys.  Steve tells Stefano that he'll help out the DiMeras: he'll make sure that Andre eludes the cops as long as Stefano promises that he won't hurt Benjy.  Steve says that Benjy is like a son to him, and then tells Stefano to stay away from his whole family, including Pocket, who was recently poisoned.  Stefano says that he would never hurt a child.  Stefano agrees to the deal.  Steve tells Stefano that he has to drop the lawsuit and that Abe and Bo are going to go after Andre at midnight.

Stephanie goes home to find Jeremy and Kayla arguing.  Kayla tells her daughter that she has a lot of explaining to do.

Jett explains that he might have to move away to get another job, but Chelsea has another idea.  Her idea is that her mother is the head of campus security at Salem University and she would probably hire Jett.  Woah, that is a big step down for Jett, if I ever saw one.  It looks like he'll take her up on it, if only so that he can see her a lot.

Stephanie begs her mother to understand that although Jeremy is a wanted fugitive, he's also the guy she loves.

Good ol' Rolf, has a plan.  He takes a piece of chalk from his pocket, because who doesn't leave the house without chalk in their pocket, and draws a symbol on the door.

Next time on Days of our Lives: Nick wants to be friends with Jett, Chelsea asks her mother for help, Steve tries to explain away the chalk symbol.

-Debbie Chang, BuddyTV Staff Writer