Days of our Lives: October 31 Live Thoughts
Days of our Lives: October 31 Live Thoughts
Days of our Lives begins with Marlena finally leaving the house for the first time after John's death.  She goes to Brady's Pub to meet Bo and Hope.  It's difficult, but Marlena is doing her best to cope.  She bought a scrapbook and plans to put all her photos of John.  Hope offers to help with that, but Marlena needs to do that by herself.

Sami is also up and dressed after delivering twins.  She called the airline to get tickets to Santo Domingo tonight to get their divorce.

Kate and EJ meet outside by Kate's car to follow through on EJ's plan to get Kate back into Lucas' good graces.  He's brought a gun.

EJ says that his gun is completely untraceable.  He asks Kate to step away from the car and he shoots the side door of the car four times.  The plan is to make it look like EJ has hired a hitman to take Kate out.

Belle interrupts Sami's conversation with Lucas.  Lucas leaves the sisters alone, and Belle asks Sami if she wants to talk about her divorce.  Sami asks Belle how the wedding plans are coming, but Belle needs some good advice.  She admits to Sami that she slept with Philip.

Marlena reminisces to Hope about John, and suggests that she take her husband and children away as far from Stefano as she can get.  Bo says that they can't run because if they do, then Stefano wins.  Marlena asks them to help her stop Sami's wedding from happening.

Kate and EJ go over their cover story about the pretend-shooting.  She needs to make it look authentic, so she asks him to cut her in the forehead with a piece of glass.  It's a teeny-tiny scratch, but it starts to bleed immediately.

Sami is shocked to hear of Belle's infidelity.  She is even more shocked to hear that it happened in the bed that Belle shares with Shawn.  Belle says that she cares about Philip, but she loves Shawn.  Sami tells her that she has to make it absolutely clear to Philip that it's never going to happen again, and that she must never, ever tell Shawn about it, no matter how guilty she feels.  Belle admits that Hope knows about it as well, and Sami responds with, "You told Shawn's mom??  Have I taught you nothing??"  Oh, I love bratty Sami.  Sami is definitely on Belle's side, but wants to make sure that Belle knows what she wants.  Sami tells her that she has to stay away from Philip forever.

Bo goes to call Sami to convince her not to marry EJ.  Marlena says that another way to stop Sami is by killing EJ Wells, and she looks pretty serious about it.

Roman and the cops are inspecting Kate's car.  He notices that there are some discrepancies with Kate's story and the evidence, like how the gun casings are in Kate's car, and that the entry point of the bullets is very low but didn't hit Kate at all.  I hope Roman figures out that this was all staged.  He called Lucas, who arrives shortly.  And, we will return for the second half of Days of our Lives in just a moment.

EJ arrives at Sami's hospital room with flowers and tells Sami that Lucas had an emergency with Kate.  Sami tells EJ to get out of here.

Lucas tells Roman that they all know who put the hit on Kate.  Roman says that he might have Kate come down to the station to answer some questions.  Lucas gives Kate a gun to use in case she is ever attacked again.  This is not going to end well.  Wasn't it Chekhov who said that a gun introduced in the first act of a play will go off in the third act?

Marlena tells Hope that ever since John died, she's been fantasizing about ways to kill EJ.  She's been planning her alibi, her weapon of choice.  She knows, as a psychiatrist, that it's normal to think these kinds of thoughts when a loved one is taken in a violent manner.  But she says that these are more than just fantasies.  Hope tells her that her thoughts will go away soon.  Marlena says that she knows exactly how to set up an insanity plea in a court of law.  She means business, but Hope tells her to stop it.

Belle observes that there is a weird vibe in the room when Sami and EJ are in the room together.  Belle makes digs about Sami's feelings for EJ and leaves.  Bo comes in immediately to try to dissuade Sami from marrying a DiMera.

After many arguments, Kate finally accepts the gun that Lucas offers.  Lucas offers to give Kate a ride home.

EJ tells Stefano that Lucas is close to agreeing to divorce Sami.  Stefano suggests that EJ and Sami honeymoon in Italy.  EJ also tells Stefano that they are doing another DNA test, and the baby boy may be his after all.  Stefano is ecstatic that he may have a grandson after all, and EJ points out that the baby's stem cells may save Stefano's life.  Is anyone else creeped out by all the body parts that Stefano has that don't really belong to him?  Kate comes to see Stefano.  Rolf tells Stefano with a ridiculous accent that it's time for him to rest.

Sami asks Bo to support her and understand that she is marrying EJ for her family.  But he doesnt' understand and tries to tell her that it's not worth the risk.  Lucas comes back and says that Kate is going to be fine.  Lucas tells Sami that because of the attack on Kate, they have no choice anymore: they have to go to Santo Domingo to get a divorce.

Hope fills Bo in on Marlena's plan to kill EJ.  Bo is more understanding of Marlena's vigilante justice.

Lucas' plan is that Sami will marry EJ, but will sneak off to be with Lucas to humiliate EJ.  They plan to bring the twins over to Steve and Kayla's while they fly to Santo Domingo.

Kate threatens to shoot EJ with her new gun if Lucas finds out that they staged the attack on her car.

Next on Days of our Lives: DNA results are in. Stephanie hangs out with Max and Morgan, Lucas has a way to get rid of EJ Wells forever.

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