Days of our Lives: October 30 Live Thoughts
Days of our Lives: October 30 Live Thoughts
On Days of our Lives, Cordy is moving out, and Max helps her with the boxes.  It's the middle of the night, and Ford Decker comes in drunk with one of the sorority chicks.

Steve and Kayla wake up in the middle of the night.  Steve is shirtless.  Days of our Lives has some very sexy men, and I usually really like Steve, but after seeing him without his shirt on, I'm not sure that he's my favorite anymore.  I mean, he's not bad, but he kind of has scrawny arms.  He's depressed about losing Benjy and then Pocket, and Kayla promises that he's not going to lose her.

At the house of Very Bad Things, Chelsea is still standing on the bomb that will go off if she steps off of it.  Nick has some knowledge of the bomb.  It's an S250 landmine, and he wracks his brain to figure out how to defuse it.

Steve and Kayla hear a noise.  Kayla gets ready to call the police, but it's only Stephanie.  She's upset, and came home because she has nowhere else to go.

Ford is still acting really obnoxiously, and Max tries to tell him to leave.  Max tells Cordy that they need to talk.

Nick finds a TV.  If he replaces Chelsea from off the landmine with another object, the TV, of equal weight, then the bomb will not go off.

Kayla gently asks Stephanie if something happened tonight.  Steve, who is now wearing a black wifebeater, realizes that it's girl talk, and leaves the room.  His appearance has improved greatly with the black wifebeater, which is one of the best articles of clothing a man can wear on television.

Max continues to push Cordy to admit that she's leaving school because of her date with Ford.  His offer to talk is kind of abrasive, so it's no wonder that Cordy doesn't want to talk to him.  Max carries boxes out to the living room and bumps into Ford, who gets mad.

Chelsea tearfully tells Nick that she's really glad to have him in her life.  On the count of three, she steps off the landmine, and he slides the TV onto it.  It didn't blow up!  But there is banging at the door.

Stephanie tells her mother that she was upset about Max, so she rushed into the arms of the first boy she could find.  Kayla is awesome and not judgmental about it.  Stephanie admits that she's jealous of Morgan.

A man (is it the same guy, Abboud, who came looking for Artemis and DeMarquette before?) enters the scary empty house where Nick and Chelsea are.  Nick demands to know where the boys are, but the man just says, "All in good time."  The cops have showed up but nobody will tell Nick about the boys.  Jett offers to find out information from the Feds who were called.  Abboud brings the boys over, and explains that the boys' father has been given political immunity, and it is now safe for the boys to return to their parents.  It was their father's enemies who kidnapped Chelsea, but they have been apprehended.  Abboud  tells Nick that the boys will be immediately returned to their real parents.  Nick has to say good-bye to the boys, but they are really sad to be parted from Nick.  I hope this is the last we'll of Artemis and DeMarquette.  But Nick is sad.  Chelsea gives him a big hug.

At Alpha Chi Theta, Max has fallen asleep on the couch.  Morgan wakes him up with a kiss. Morgan tells him that Chelsea is safe.  Max explains that he stuck around the house because Ford was there last night.  He shares with Morgan his theory that Ford is the reason why Cordy is dropping out.

Stephanie apologizes to Steve for not being a better daughter, but he says that she's a perfect daughter to him.  Steve guesses that her problems might have something to do with Max, and offers to help her.  Stephanie rolls her eyes when Steve starts talking about when he was her age.  He suggests that the Bleedin' Heart has been really busy ever since the bachelor auction, so Stephanie could probably get a job bartending there, which means that she would get to see Max often.

Jett tells Chelsea that he misses her.  They make awkward small talk.  Jett says that he thought that the two of them had started something after he got shot.  He starts to ask her out to dinner, but she interrupts because she wants to talk to Nick.  She asks Nick if she can help with the boys.  She holds his hand, as Jett looks on.  Chelsea asks Nick to take her back to the sorority house, but Jett butts in and offers to take her.  Chelsea explains to Jett that she and Nick have been on and off for a while.  Jett is disappointed.  Billie gives her daughter a big bear hug and tells her never, ever to scare her like that again.  Chelsea doesn't turn Jett's offer for dinner down, and instead just tells him that she'll call him.  Maybe Jett is going to be Chelsea's on again, off again boyfriend as well.

Stephanie tells Steve that she wishes she could be more like Kayla.  Aw, it's rare to see such a functional nuclear family on a soap.  Not that they're always functional.  Kayla's advice is to let Max go and start new with someone else.

Chelsea and Nick sit on the couch in front of the fire at the sorority house.  Chelsea tells Nick that he's a hero, and she loves him for that.  Then they start making out.  Nothing like post-kidnapping stress to make you want to get into your rescuer's pants.

Jett and Billie are done wrapping up the kidnapping scene.  Jett tells Billie that he must have ticked Chelsea off somehow, and asks Billie if she's mentioned him at all to her.

Max and Morgan interrupt Nick and Chelsea's makeout session.  Max follows Morgan up to her room, and Chelsea invites Nick to stay.  He has to go home, but promises to call her soon.

Kayla and Stephanie are snuggling in bed.  Steve comes in and joins them.  So cute!  He tells her that Adrienne needs some help at the Cheatin' Heart, and Steph should call her for a job.  She'll think about it. 

Next on Days of our Lives: Marlena asks Bo and Hope to help her stop Sami's wedding, Belle confesses to Sami that she slept with Philip, Kate gets nervous about helping EJ.

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