Days of our Lives: October 3 Live Thoughts
Days of our Lives: October 3 Live Thoughts
Days of our Lives begins today at the sorority where Stephanie and Chelsea are pledging.  We are immediately treated to an extended flashback of the night the two girls had decided to pledge the sorority.  To recap, Chelsea is afraid of rejection, but decides to pledge to support her friend.  Back in the present, Chelsea is sarcastic about all the fun she's not having.  The sorority has kidnapped them for a hazing event.

Steve is still holding Stefano at gunpoint at the news station.  Bo tells Hope to call the police station while he gets on the phone to reach Sami.

EJ yells at Andre at the pub to diffuse the bomb.

The sorority sisters and pledges are probably the only people in all of Salem who are not watching Steve on the news.  Their task tonight is to raise as much money as possible in 48 hours for a local women's shelter.  The team who raises the most money will get to skip the rest of pledge week and automatically get inducted into the sorority.  Chelsea and Stephanie snicker, and then get chewed out by Morgan, the head sorority sister.  Stephanie used to be really into the sorority thing, but now she seems to see things through Chelsea's eyes.

The bomb strapped to Roman's chest sadly does not go off.  It all happened very quickly, and I can't tell if Andre diffused it or if the timer just stopped with one second left.  Either way, I am disappointed that there weren't any explosions or untimely deaths.  Stefano pleads on TV to Andre to do as Steve asks.  Andre calls the news station and tells Steve that he will bring Roman.  Andre wants to meet in a neutral place, but then Stefano gets on the phone and tells Andre that it is extremely crucial that he follows Steve's instructions to the T.  Andre gets off the phone and pulls Roman to his feet.  He threatens to shoot Sami and EJ as they try to follow him.

Stephanie and Chelsea go to the campus hangout.  Stephanie suggests bake sales or dog-walking, or selling term papers online.

Bo, Hope and Lucas arrive at the news station.  Lucas tries Sami's cell again, but gets no answer because Sami and EJ are tied up in the pub kitchen with the gas on.  Not looking good for anyone involved, including Sami's twins.

Stephanie says that she's over Jeremy and excited to flirt with guys at the bar.  The bar is packed because it's a college football night (except that it is the middle of the week, so no college football would actually be happening).  Steph's aunt Adrienne says that the bar is swamped because one of the other waitresses couldn't work.  Stephanie and Chelsea offer to work, seeing as they can each make a couple hundred bucks a night in tips.

Andre shows up with Roman.  Lucas still doesn't realize that Roman's life depends on Sami and EJ getting married, and declares that he will never divorce Sami.  Stefano pipes up that Sami promised to marry EJ, but Andre says that there won't be a wedding.

At the pub kitchen, EJ suggests that they inchworm over to the door to try to get out.  Their scooching knocks down a bottle of olive oil which breaks next to them.  Sami experiences pain and says that something is wrong with her twins and that they need to get out.  But that's exactly what EJ was trying to do!

Andre hints that by now, Sami may be dead already.  At the pub, EJ tries to reach the puddle of spilled oil so that he might shimmy out of his bonds, but neither can reach it.  Sami tries to get a piece of broken glass with which to cut their ropes.

At the bar, Stephanie suggests having a bachelor auction as a fundraiser for the sorority.  Stephanie gets her flirt on with the guys at the bar and they immediately offer their services.  They use the word "coed" approximately one billion times during the conversation in reference to themselves and to other female students at Salem University, and I am greatly offended by this.  It's like Days of our Lives is still stuck in the 1960s.  I have never heard anyone use the term "coed" to refer to a female college student in real life, but it's everywhere on TV, and it really bugs me.

Andre tells everyone that Sami is probably dead.  Lucas races back to the pub to save Sami.  Stefano asks Andre what in God's name he has done and calls him a fool.  He's done everything for EJ, which pisses Andre off.  Andre yells that he'd followed his uncle's orders for years, yet, Stefano says that he's favoring EJ.

EJ and Sami are beginning to lose consciousness because of the gas that they are inhaling.

There is a scuffle at the news station.  Andre drops Roman as a hostage and picks up Hope.  Steve still has Stefano.  Andre doesn't care a damn if Stefano dies, but Stefano begs him not to do this.  Andre says that he's just trying to please his uncle.  Andre says that the war between the Bradys and the DiMeras will be over when he says it is.

At the pub, EJ breaks free and turns off the gas and frees Sami.  She walks out and opens the door, but EJ collapses on the floor, losing consciousness.  Sami comes back and pleads for him not to die because she needs him to help her end the vendetta.  She confesses that she hates herself for saying it, but she also cares about him too and doesn't want him to die.  I predict that Lucas will come to the pub at this very moment and overhear her.  After commercials, Sami is cradling EJ's head in her arms as he regains a bit of consciousness.  Sure enough, Lucas sees everything.  And of course, he's not going to take into account the fact that Sami almost died, and he'll just bitch her out for her wavering allegiance.

Bo orders Steve to release Stefano, which he does reluctantly.  But Andre refuses to let go of Hope.  He drags Hope out of the station, but Bo can't do anything about it.

Next on Days of our Lives: Sami tells EJ that Lucas is everything to her, Andre still has Hope hostage.

-Debbie Chang, BuddyTV Staff Writer
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