Days of our Lives: October 25 Live Thoughts
Days of our Lives: October 25 Live Thoughts
Days of our Lives begins with the Shawn-Philip standoff over Belle Black.  Shawn tells Philip to leave Belle alone, but Philip cockily challenges him that Belle will always love him.  Upstairs, Hope asks Belle point-blank if there was any hanky-panky between her and Philip.  Belle denies that anything happened.

Sami is asleep in the hospital, exhausted after the birth of her two twins.  Lucas kisses her softly on the forehead and talks to the babies.  He admits to them that when he first found out about their existence, he was taken aback.  But now, he knows he loves them both.

Roman, Bo and Abe have found that the headlamp of the car that killed John Black belongs to a man named Harry Jenks.  They track him down and hold him in custody.  He claims not to know any of the DiMeras or John Black, so Abe calls the police station to have EJ Wells brought over to them.  Abe has discovered that Harry Jenks is an alias.  His real name is Jake Genarro, who was in the state penitentiary.  Another cop shows up with EJ.

At the hospital, the girl baby, who still doesn't have a name, does she? gets a bit fussy.  Lucas picks her up and imagines what the future will be like.  He imagines the year 2013.  The little girl is Lucas' child, while the boy is EJ's child.  EJ, with his fortune, provides little Johnny with riding lessons, and violin lessons with a world-famous musician, and everything else, while Lucas is poor.  His little girl resents Lucas for being so poor.

Belle finally admits the truth to Hope when she hears that Shawn is downstairs.  Hope lays into Belle about not respecting Shawn.  Philip tells Shawn that he fails at everything, and insinuates that Belle is already back in his life and bed.  This infuriates Shawn who punches him out and they have a big brawl.  Days of our Lives is always better with big brawls, isn't it?

Lucas continues to imagine his children's lives.  He sees them as teenagers.  His daughter is an overweight girl who is ridiculed by her snooty half-brother.  This will probably drive her to alcoholism.

Roman, Bo and Abe discover that although Jake Genarro and EJ most likely do not know each other, Jake has Andre DiMera on speed-dial on his cell phone.  This is enough to arrest him and bring him into custody.  Roman says that they must not tell Sami about this because he doesn't want her to marry EJ.  Bo thinks that she has a right to know, but Roman doesn't change his mind.

Lucas thinks to himself that he'll do whatever it takes to protect his child, but what happens when he's not around anymore?  He imagines the children grown.  They visit Lucas and Sami's grave.  The girl is now a full-fledged alcoholic with no money.  She asks her brother to borrow a little money, which he throws at her with a sneer.

At Brady's Pub, Shawn and Philip are still going at it.  They are really make a mess of things.  Caroline comes out and wielding her cane.  Shawn promises to clean everything up, but Grams calls Bo to get his butt down there.

Belle denies that she's been chasing after Philip.  She says that it was one stupid moment that she wishes she could take back.  Hope is not sympathetic and kind of awesome, and tells her not to use her father's death as an excuse.  Belle promises that it'll never happen again; she's never stopped loving Shawn.  Against every instinct, Hope agrees to keep Belle's secret, under the one condition that she cut Philip out of his life completely.

Bo comes back to Brady's Pub to find Shawn cleaning up.  Bo says that he spoke to Commander Flynn who said that someone sent him a letter questioning Shawn's worth as an applicant.

At the hospital, the babies are off getting a bath, when Roman arrives with gifts.  Lucas and Sami tell Roman about the new DNA test to prove the paternity of the twins.  Sami asks Roman about the investigation to find John's killer, but Roman doesn't really answer.  He makes a lame excuse to go back to the office.  EJ is back at the hospital again too, watching the babies in their bassinets in the nursery.

Lucas and Sami agree that Roman was acting strangely.  Lucas wants EJ out of their lives and out of their kids' lives for good.  He suggests that maybe they should take their kids and leave Salem for good.

Bo counsels his son on what to do with the Philip situation.  He suggests that he tell Belle the truth because he trusts her.  Belle promises Hope that she will cut Philip out of her life and not let him use Claire to get back in.  Hope says that she's not keeping her secret for Belle's sake.  She's doing it for Shawn's benefit, and if she even suspects that Belle has betrayed him again, she'll tell her son everything.  Bo and Shawn go upstairs to see Hope and Belle.  Everyone is shocked to see Shawn's bruised face.  Shawn sits on the bed and notices that the sheets are new.  He asks Belle, didn't she just change the sheets yesterday?  She answers that she just got bored with them, making him look suspicious.

Lucas tells Sami that no matter what happens with the DNA test and EJ, he'll always love her.  She, Will and the twins are his family, and they mean everything to him.

Belle tends to Shawn's wounds, and tells him that Philip is not going to be a part of their lives anymore.  She says that all Philip does is cause problems, and she doesn't want that anymore.  Shawn is happy to hear it, considering what Philip said to him downstairs.  He doesn't tell her what it was, though.

Bo and Hope go to visit Sami and Lucas.  Sami knows that both twins are hers and Lucas', but she's finally glad that they're going to have another DNA test.  Sami asks Bo about the investigation on John's killer.  Bo tells her that the guy who ran him down was Andre DiMera's cellmate in prison.  Sami thinks that's proof that it was a hit on their family because of the vendetta.  Lucas leaves the room, and Sami further realizes that she has to marry EJ.  Meanwhile EJ swears to raise his children to be DiMeras.

Lucas tells Bo that he has to take matters into his own hands concerning EJ.

Next on Days of our Lives: Chelsea tells Stephanie that she still has feelings for Max, Lucas and Kate talk about the twins, Sami tells EJ to shut up.

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