Days of our Lives: October 17 Live Thoughts
Days of our Lives: October 17 Live Thoughts
Days of our Lives begins with Stephanie and Morgan.  Morgan thanks Stephanie for the ride home after her date with Max and buys her a cup of chai.

EJ goes to see Stefano at the hospital.  He asks him explicitly if he was involved in John's accident. 

Meanwhile, John is still conscious and everyone is around his bed.  Kayla and Steve is there too.

Morgan tells Stephanie that an Alpha Chi Theta does not take another girl's guy, so if Stephanie is into Max, then Morgan will stay away.

Jeremy is back at Nick's.  Jeremy tells his aunt Maggie that she should forget that she ever saw him.

Stefano denies that he had anything to do with John, but EJ continues to pester him.

Bo Brady goes into police mode and asks Marlena if she remembers any details about the hit and run.  John makes a joke that Bo is using the opportunity to make a move on his wife.  Bo tells John that he's family, he's as much a Brady as he is himself.  Everybody cries, and John loses consciousness.  Bo leaves to get air, but tells Hope to stay here to keep providing support for everyone.

Bo's really angry.  He goes outside and hits the wall.  He remembers the times when John had his back.  He steals some medical supplies from a cart in the hallway.

Jeremy holds his ground and says that he's not going to change his mind.  But Maggie reminds him of all the good times he's had with the Hortons and asks him to take a chance on them.  Jeremy asks what he's supposed to do about the cops, and Maggie says that she's going to give him one more chance to do the right thing.

Morgan continues to press Stephanie about the Max issue.  Finally, Stephanie cops to tailing them on their date.  Billie and Jett comes to the sorority house looking for Chelsea.  They want the sorority to get the word out that there has been an incident on campus: one student was nearly raped.

At the hospital, it's Steve's turn to talk to John.  Steve knows that Stefano was behind it, but Hope chides that now is not the time for vendetta talk.  Kate Roberts comes in to say her good-byes, much to Lucas' surprise.  She talks to John's unconscious form as Lucas glares at her.  Kate says that she doesn't want to spend the rest of her life wondering if she let her down, and John wakes up enough to say, "Never."  His breathing continually gets labored.

Stefano asks EJ to check up on John and report back to him with his condition.  Now that Stefano's alone, Bo comes in.  He threateningly closes and locks the door and demands to know who ran John down.  He takes the supplies that he stole earlier, which is a syringe and some kind of drug, and wields them menacingly.  Haven't we already seen this on Days of our Lives, where a Brady locks the hospital door and contemplates killing a DiMera while he's lying vulnerable on the bed?

Kate and Sami go outside to get coffee.  Kate says that the last in the world that she wants is for her to marry EJ Wells.

Bo takes Stefano's arms and threatens to stick the needle in it, but is interrupted by Roman who deadpans that he should put that thing away before someone gets hurt.

Jeremy accuses Nick of telling people of his whereabouts.  Nick tries to reason with him and advises him to just talk to the cops.  Jeremy ignores him and continues to pack.  He realizes that Nick is trying to help, and apologizes.  He asks Nick for a few bucks, and Nick hands over a wad of cash.  Artemis and DeMarquette come out and ask where he's going.

Billie and Jett tell the girls that a guy slipped a drug into a girls drink and then tried to rape her outside of the bar.  Stephanie also says that whatever Max and Morgan do is not her business.  Clearly, she doesn't mean that, but Morgan doesn't pick up on it.  Morgan thanks her for bringing him into her life.

Everyone is putting on a brave face for John.  They are really dragging his death out and milking it for all it's worth.

Roman asks Bo if he's sure he wants to stick Stefano in the arm with the needle.  Stefano implies that Chelsea, who is hell on wheels, might have been the one to run John down.  Bo sticks the needle into his chest.  But EJ comes in and breaks things up.  Stefano's going to be okay, because it was just saline that Bo stuck into him.

Lucas comes out to see Sami's conversation with Kate.

One of the cops brings a broken headlamp to Bo.  It's from the scene of John's hit and run, and it could be the break that Bo needs to solve the case.

Artemis and DeMarquette ask Jeremy why he has to go and when he'll be coming back.  Jeremy doesn't give him very satisfactory answers, but asks them to give him a rousing "Go Bears!"  Happily, their scene is very short.  I really can't stand those two kids.  Before Jeremy leaves, he advises Nick not to give up on Chelsea.  Nick says that he's going to miss having him around.  They thump fists and Jeremy's out of there.

At the sorority house, Stephanie's about to leave.  Morgan says that there's a room open at the sorority house if she and Chelsea want to move in.

Bo consults with Hope about the broken headlamp.  They can trace it to the manufacturer or rental agency.

Marlena decides that it's time to pull the plug on John.  She can't stand how much pain he's in.

Stephanie leaves the sorority house to go to her car, but hears a rustling in the bushes.  She leaves before she can see that it's Jeremy.

Stefano tells EJ that he wants to go to Italy for some rest.  EJ wants his father to be at his wedding, and plans that maybe he and Sami can get married immediately after all.  The two DiMeras celebrate this awesome idea.

Marlena tells John to close his eyes and rest.  John says that he's going to miss her, but she says that he's never going to leave her because they don't have an end.  She tells him she loves him and kisses him and then asks him to rest.  The beeps on his life support system change, and then he flatlines.  Belle and Marlena melt into tears.  John's dead.  This is, like, incredibly sad and all, but I'm glad they didn't drag it out any longer.  Sami rushes out of the room sobbing and begs Lucas to sign the annulment paper.  He does so, and Sami cries that she's so sorry.

Next on Days of our Lives: Bo and Hope go to church to see an American flag draped coffin, Sami and Lucas continue to have their same old argument, Marlena misses John.

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