Days of our Lives: October 10 Live Thoughts
Days of our Lives: October 10 Live Thoughts
Days of our Lives opens as Stephanie's and Chelsea's bachelor auction is still in full swing.  Max is strutting his stuff, and Morgan, the head sorority chick, buys him for $500.  Our girl Steph, jealous as heck, is not happy that she may have to compete with Morgan for Max's attention.

Kayla tells Steve what happened with Pocket.  Kayla lays into Steve for the stunt he pulled on national television, holding a gun to Stefano's head.  She says that even if they didn't find find poison in Pocket's system, they probably still would have taken Pocket away because of Steve's volatility.

At the Brady Pub, Lucas still refuses to sign the annulment papers that Stefano got from the bishop of the diocese.

Chelsea asks Ford if he wants to be next and asks Adrienne to take over emceeing  Ford tries to outdo Max and takes his shirt off too.  The bidding starts at $100.  This is a funny fundraiser because the only girls who are bidding are the sorority girls who are trying raise money in the first place.  They should have opened it up to the campus; otherwise, what's the difference between this and just asking the girls to pay up?

Philip finds Kayla and Steve who is in custody at the police station and tells them that Pocket's name is really Tyler and that he's Philip's son.

More arguing at the Brady Pub.  Lucas urges Sami to take 24 hours to talk to her family before signing the annulment.  Stefano tells Sami that she will make a beautiful DiMera.  He takes his leave and rolls out of the pub in his Rascal Scooter.  He has his life back with ease of mobility!

Philip tells Kayla and Steve the story of his son.  Steve doesn't believe Philip until he can offer solid proof, and he refuses to give up being Pocket's father until a judge tells him otherwise.

Stephanie continues to tell Max that Morgan is not what she seems, but Max isn't interested in hearing what she has to say.  Morgan asks Chelsea to introduce her to Max.  He kisses Morgan's hand, while Stephanie looks on with disgust and jealousy.

Brady Pub.  Sami is torn between the love of her life, and the safety of her family.

Ford's bidding is up to $180.  Cordy, the brainy Asian chick who was on The Real World, thinks he's gorgeous but she's too shy to bid.  Stephanie bids for her, and eventually, Cordy wins at $300.  Cordy gets self-deprecating that Ford is only going to go out with her because he has to.  What happened to the strong, confident, brainy chick at the first sorority event?  Who is this shy, diffident creature?  Stephanie reads Chelsea the riot act for introducing Morgan to Max.

At Kayla's and Steve's, Kayla tells Philip that Pocket is being moved to a different foster home.  Philip immediately accuses Steve of poisoning him, and Steve throws Philip against the wall.  At that moment, a cop comes in to break up the fight.

Chelsea reminds Stephanie that ending things with Max, getting into Alpha Chi Theta and the bachelor auction were all Steph's idea.  Stephanie claims that Max is just a friend, but Chelsea is not convinced.  She tells Stephanie to bid on a guy and have fun.  Meanwhile, Morgan is amazed that Max likes his parents.  Stephanie gets into the bidding.

Steve and Kayla try to explain to Philip how much they love Pocket, and if he wants to get a DNA test done, then he'll have to take it up with child protective services.  Stefano then shows up to tell Steve that he's going to drop the charge against him.  He paid off the news station not to pursue any legal action against Steve.  Stefano is not in his Rascal scooter anymore!  He's remarkably mobile.  And Steve is now a free man.

EJ, Lucas and Sami, who are the centers of my least favorite Days of our Lives storyline right now, are STILL discussing the same thing.  Sami hasn't made a decision to do anything yet.

Morgan commends Chelsea and Stephanie for their job well done with their auction, and announces that they are going to automatically inducted into the sorority.  Stephanie apologizes to Max for her jealous behavior.

Steve asks Stefano what the catch is for releasing Steve.

Lucas still pleads to Sami to take one day to think about it, and she agrees.  Sami says that if Lucas' claim that the DiMeras have lost their power is correct, then she has no reason to leave the man that she loves.

Stefano says that he doesn't have a catch.  He's dropping the charges against Steve out of love for Benjy.  Philip comes back into the room with the child protective services agent, who says that they are going to start an investigation to charge Kayla and Steve for endangering a minor.

Max forgives Stephanie, but they don't stop arguing.  Max gives Stephanie grief for warning him about the likes of Morgan, when he had to watch her fall for Jeremy.

Chelsea announces at the end of the auction that they have raised $1695.  Adrienne gives a little designated driver PSA.  Then Stephanie announces that she wants to thank Max Brady for getting the ball rolling with the auction.  Stephanie isn't really as excited as she should be for getting into Alpha Chi Theta because she is sidetracked about Max.  She wants to follow Morgan and Max on their date.

The child protective services lady tells everyone that during her investigation, Pocket/Tyler will be placed in another foster home.  Kayla shows Philip a picture of him.

EJ tries to dissuade Sami not to postpone her decision.  Sami says that she will take 24 hours and then make her own decision.  As she and Lucas leave the pub to go home, EJ whispers ominously to their backs that a lot can happen in a day.

Next on Days of our Lives: Philip wants his son back, Sami consults her family, Gramps confronts Stefano.

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