Days of our Lives: October 1 Live Thoughts
Days of our Lives: October 1 Live Thoughts
We begin today's episode of Days of our Lives at the cemetery.  Bo and Abe stand over Benjy's body, with police and emergency personnel around them.  The coroner gives Benjy's time of death as within the last 24 hours.  Steve has taken off to find Stefano to take revenge, but Abe put a guard by Stefano's room with instructions not to let Steve in.  EJ shows up and tells them that he might have the fast track to finding Roman alive.

Sami pleads with Lucas to hear her out.  She says that she wants to protect her family and end the vendetta.  She says that she doesn't want to do this either.  Lucas is not very bright, because he pronounces vendetta as if it were spelled "vandetta."  He demands to know if she loves EJ or what?

Bo sardonically accuses EJ of burying Benjy alive.  EJ looks sincerely remorseful that his family would do something like this to Benjy.  EJ takes out Santo's and Coleen's rings from the folio. 

Kate goes to see Stefano at the hospital.  Stefano has a proposition for her concerning Lucas and her marriage to Sami.

At the pub, Sami is incredulous that Lucas asked her if she loves EJ.  She says that the only thing she feels for EJ is loathing.  Lucas is missing the big picture here, I think.  Sami tries to convince him that the only reason why she's doing this is to save her father.  Lucas is furious with Sami, but she feels that she doesn't have any other choice.  Lucas wants to figure out another way to end the vendetta without having to give him up wife.  Sami says tearfully that she believes that she was meant to be with Lucas.  Lucas shows a shocking lack of understand of genetics when he says that it is only by chance that Sami looks like Coleen and that EJ looks like Santo. 

Stefano suggests to Kate that he can arrange Sami to divorce Lucas and marry EJ.

Steve tries to get into Stefano's hospital room, but is stopped by the police guard.

Bo tells EJ that there is no way that Sami will agree to marry EJ, but EJ tells him that she already has.  Bo tells EJ that Santo had a wife when he made Coleen fall in love with him.  EJ had no idea about this.  Bo accuses EJ that he is using this only as a way to get Sami to marry him.

Andre has Roman tied up.  He tells Roman that he's going home, but that it will be an explosive homecoming.

Lucas doesn't want to talk or fight with Sami anymore.  She begs him not to shut her out, but he throws the blame back in her face.  He says that this isn't the first time that she has done something like this.  She says that none of that matters because she wants to spend the rest of her life with him.  She says that her marriage to EJ won't be forever, just until Stefano dies.

The cop guarding Stefano's room tells Steve that he has to leave on Abe Carver's orders.

Kate tells Stefano that he must be delusional if he can get Sami to divorce Lucas.  She doesn't believe him because Lucas and Sami are hopelessly in love.

Bo and Abe found an item of Roman's in Benjy's coffin, so they deduce that Roman must have been in the coffin as well, and Andre must have moved him to another location when he put Benjy there.

Stefano tells Kate that Sami has agreed to marry EJ as a way to end the vendetta.  Kate is happy to hear the news and calls him a wonderful man.

Sami assures Lucas that she and EJ will sleep in separate bedrooms, and as soon as Stefano dies, she will be back home with Lucas.  Lucas really can't see the stakes here and refuses to let Sami go through with the plan.  Seriously, Days of our Lives has to tighten up the writing on this show because we've seen this exact same scene, like, twenty times already today.

Steve doesn't believe that Abe would bar him from Stefano's room.  Steve says that Bo asked him personally to go to Stefano's room, and the cop says that as soon as he gets a direct order from Bo himself, he will let Steve in.

Abe tells Bo what happened with Steve.  Bo decides to go to the hospital to deal with Steve.

Sami asks Lucas what he would do if he were in her position.  He said that he wouldn't do it.  He says that he's not going to give her a divorce and is very adamant about it.  He tells her to stay in the pub where it's safe, and then leaves, slamming the door behind him.

Sami calls the police station from the pub to see if there's any new word on Roman.  EJ shows up at the door and tells him that Roman is still missing and likely dead.  She says that he and Stefano are not holding up his end of the bargain.  But then, at that moment, Andre  comes in with Roman, still bound and gagged.

Kate tells that Stefano that if Lucas comes to her and tells her personally that Lucas is going to divorce Sami, then she will go to the mansion with him to stroll down memory lane.  But if he doesn't, then she won't.  They kiss.  There is a big hubbub outside when Lucas tries to enter but is stopped by the cop.  Lucas is immediately suspicious that Kate and Stefano were behind the whole move to get Sami to divorce him.  Lucas tells Kate that Sami dropped the divorce-bomb on her, but she plays innocent.  Lucas vows that he will never forgive his mother for betraying him again.  He announces to both of them that there will be no divorce, even if it means having to kidnap Sami.  Lucas hobbles out of there, followed by Kate.

Steve is outside the room again. He calls Bo, who tells Steve to get out of the hospital and get his butt down to the cemetery.  But Steve sneakily gives the cop his phone right then, so the cop thinks he's supposed to go down to the cemetery.  Steve enters Stefano's room and pulls his gun on the old Italian dude.

Next on Days of our Lives: Stefano challenges Steve to kill him.

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