Days of our Lives: November 6 Live Thoughts
Days of our Lives: November 6 Live Thoughts
Days of our Lives begins with Max and Stephanie bartending at the Cheatin' Heart.  It's packed for the Save the Earth event they are holding.  A frat dude orders a virgin sex on the beach, and Stephanie takes it the wrong and trips him a new one.

Nick tells Chelsea that Artemis and DeMarquette's father is holding an embassy ball in honor of Nick to thank him for taking care of the boys.  He asks her to the ball.  Jett comes by and tells them that Ford Decker might be getting away with rape.

Sami and Lucas play with the twins.  Belle tells Shawn that she was the one who wrote the letter to the commander.  Bo flies off the handle when he hears from Hope that Belle slept with Philip.

Bo is furious at Belle when Hope tells him that Belle slept with Philip in the room she shares with Shawn.  Hope is afraid that if Shawn finds out about this, he would do a lot more than punch Philip, which would ruin him and his chances for getting into the academy.  But Bo decides that it's better to tell Shawn anyway.

Belle was afraid that Shawn would die also if he became a cop, so she wrote the letter.

Jett tells Chelsea and Nick that Ford's dad bailed him out of jail and is also a top lawyer.  The DA will probably drop the charges, and Cordy's testimony is all they have to skewer Ford.

Stephanie is flummoxed by all the drink recipes, and Max flirts.  Stephanie ties a cherry stem with her tongue.  Max tries to one-up her, but is distracted when Morgan walks in to the bar.

Sami asks Lucas if they could please stop talking about the DiMeras for once, and I echo her sentiment.  Words cannot describe how bored I am with their scenes these days.

At the Cheatin' Heart, Morgan is really down.  She's embarrassed about all that happened to her.  Chelsea and Nick promise to Jett that they'll make sure Cordy is at the disciplinary board meeting later on.

Shawn tells Belle that he could never hate her, and that there's nothing she could do to make him hate her.  Little does he know...

Bo thinks that it might be better for Shawn to find out about Belle's infidelity from them and not from Philip.  He says that no Kiriakis is going to get away with anything, which makes Hope suspicious that Bo is really angry about something else.

Shawn forgives Belle for writing the letter.  He sees that her mind has gone elsewhere for a moment, but he thinks that she's just impatient that they are not moving forward in their wedding plans.

At the Cheatin' Heart, Max tells Morgan not to blame herself.  Morgan doesn't blame herself for what Ford tried to do to her, but he blames herself for not being smarter and not listening to what others were telling her about him.  Morgan says that people are actually believing Ford and thinking that Cordy led him on.  Ford is apparently out of the slammer and walks up to Stephanie to order a drink.  He yells at her, which quiets the place down.  She yells back that they don't serve pigs and to get back to his pen.  He breaks a glass and threatens her.  Max shows up and shoves him and threatens to throw him out.

Ugh, more Sami and Lucas.  EJ arrives to tell them that he's selected three possible destinations for their honeymoon and wants her opinion.  Obviously, this is not going to go over well with Lucas.  Please, Days of our Lives, can you please move their storyline along?  Lucas pretends to be cordial to EJ, but then tears up all the travel brochures.  I thought he was going to offer to go along with them as the nanny.

Max is about to take Ford's head off, but Nick and Jett hold him back.  I really don't like Ford, not just because he's a heartless rapist, but also because he's so one-dimensionally evil.

Shawn wants to get married right away, and Belle makes excuses that they are too poor to get married so soon.  He says that they should get married at Thanksgiving.

EJ demands that Sami bring him his son.  Now.

Max asks Stephanie if she's alright.  He's proud of her for standing up to Ford.  He offers to cover for her so she can take the rest of the night off.  She hugs her.  Over in the corner, Morgan tells Chelsea that she should have done something when Ford was there.  Chelsea makes an announcement to the bar to thank the fraternities and sororities for helping out with the Save the Earth campaign.

Belle says that Thanksgiving is too soon for the wedding.

EJ is all business now.  He shows Sami and Lucas a court order that allows him to take the baby away.  EJ gets nasty with them.

Bo and Hope play adorably with little Sierra.  The phone rings and it's Shawn who asks them to come over right away.  They go over to the pub, where Belle and Shawn are all dressed up.  They announce that they are going to get married on Thanksgiving.  Hope and Bo and not altogether thrilled and don't look very happy about it.

Sami asks EJ for a bit of time to adjust to all the major life events that have happened to her, but EJ says that they are going to get married tomorrow night.  Sami and Lucas are speechless.

Stephanie is hanging out and dancing at the bar, but she can't stop getting distracted by Morgan and Max flirting.  She sees a shadowy man standing in the doorway, which triggers her memory of the night when she was sexually assaulted.  Was that Ford in the doorway?  Did someone see?

Next on Days of our Lives: Belle finds out that Bo knows, Philip thinks Belle is his wife, Stefano talks threateningly.

-Debbie Chang, BuddyTV Staff Writer
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