Days of our Lives: November 5 Live Thoughts
Days of our Lives: November 5 Live Thoughts
Another day, another Days of our Lives.  Kayla and Hope are going through baby clothes.  Kayla is giving Hope some of Pocket's old clothes.  She misses him like crazy.  They are both also worried about Sami going through with the divorce and the marriage to EJ.  Sierra is really cute, too.  Hope is hopeful (hee!) about Sami and Lucas because she's been completely honest with him throughout the whole thing.

Philip goes over to Belle's to talk to her, but she says that she doesn't want to talk, and she hates herself for sleeping with him.

Bo and Shawn are in a meeting with the commander to discuss the anonymous letter that the Salem PD receive concerning Shawn's past legal misdeeds.  He tells them the unhappy news that Shawn's application to the academy has been denied, and he will not be part of this year's graduating class.

Hope tells Kayla that sometimes the truth, not lies, is the thing that destroys love.  Kayla asks her what she was talking about, and Hope admits to her that Belle slept with Philip.  Hope says that she's so angry and disappointed, and says that she can't tell Shawn.  Kayla asks if she's considered talking to Bo or Marlena.  Hope says that she has to tell Bo about it, but Kayla says that might be the worst thing she can do.

Bo tries to use the Brady connections in the police department to get Shawn in the academy.  The commander reads the very long list of charges against Shawn.  He says that because of the mitigating circumstances, they are willing to reconsider his application next January.  So in the meantime, he advises Shawn to clean up his act and show that he's matured.  Shawn tells Bo that he can't wait until January because he needs a job immediately to support his family.

Belle tells Philip that Hope knows that they had sex, and tells him that he can't come back ever again.  He says that he will as long as she looks him in the face and tells him that the one she wants is Shawn and not him.  By the way, Belle is still wearing her robe.  Has she not gotten dressed at all since she had sex with Philip, and wasn't that days ago?

Bo advises Shawn to start thinking like a cop--he doesn't have proof that Philip wrote the letter to the board.

Kayla says that if Hope tells Bo, all hell is going to break loose.  Hope says that she came so close to losing Bo because of all the secrets she kept after Vincent died.  Kayla advises her to give Belle a chance to get Philip out of her life.

Philip has not left Belle's apartment.  Philip refuses to leave, ignoring Belle's protests.  She goes to the other room to get changed, but she doesn't close the door all the way.  She continues to insist that what happened was a mistake, but Philip interrupts her thought with a kiss.  They flashback to their moment of passion, and Belle doesn't pull away from the kiss.

Hope knows that Shawn would never forgive her if he found out that she knew, but Kayla says that keeping the secret will save him from himself.

Belle finally pulls away from the kiss, and Philip keeps urging her to admit the truth.  She tells him that she can live without him, but she can't live with Shawn.

The second half of Days of our Lives begins with Hope and Kayla.  Hope knows that protecting Shawn from himself is easier said than done.

Belle continues to insist that sleeping with him was a mistake.  Belle reminds him that he walked out on her and Claire when they were married.  She said that she felt worthless and unwanted when he left.  She waited for him to call.  Shawn was the one who stepped up and supported her, not Philip.  Philip says that he's sorry and wishes that he had known.  She asks Philip, if he loves her, to get the hell out of her life.

Shawn is being really, really whiny today.  I'm surprised Bo has smacked him upside the head.  Shawn says he doesn't need proof to know that Philip wrote the letter.  Can this conversation be more repetitive?  At least we don't have to listen to Sami and Lucas argue about Sami marrying EJ.  But I bet we'll have more of that on tomorrow's Days of our Lives.  Shawn finally sees Bo's reasoning, and goes home to break the news to Belle.

Philip is still at Belle's.  He talks about his experiences in the military.  When he lost his leg and was lying bleeding on the battlefield, all he could think about was her.  Belle's phone rings.  It's Hope.  Belle begs Philip to please go.

Hope suspects that Belle is with Philip again and that's why she's not answering her phone.  Kayla tells her that she has to have faith that Belle will come to her senses.  Bo comes over to Kayla's and tells the two women that the board is not letting Shawn continue in the academy.  He fills him in on everything that happened at the station.  Kayla leaves to go to work.  Hope asks Bo to promise not to go off the handle if she tells him something.  She tells him that Belle slept with Philip.  Bo responds in shock and anger.

Philip kiss Belle again.  Then Shawn walks in!

Bo is furious and gets ready to go find Philip to take his head off, but Hope tries to calm him down.

Belle asks Shawn how his meeting went with the academy.  Shawn accuses Philip of writing the anonymous letter.  He leaves to go after him, until Belle calls out that she was the one who wrote the letter.

Next on Days of our Lives:Lucas doesn't know how to let Sami go, Jett says that Ford Decker might be getting away with rape.

-Debbie Chang, BuddyTV Staff Writer
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