Days of our Lives: November 28 Live Thoughts
Days of our Lives: November 28 Live Thoughts
Days of our Lives is back on the Ford Decker rapist storyline.  Recall from the last time we saw this storyline, Cordy was spending Thanksgiving with Stephanie (Shelley Hennig) when Ford tracked them down and yelled at them for putting up the flyers.  Only, it wasn't clear whether he even knew that Cordy was there at all because he could have been talking to Stephanie.  Stephanie and Cordy tell Nick (Blake Berris) and Chelsea (Rachel Melvin) all about it, but this only serves to redouble Chelsea's desire to bring Ford down.

Bo (Peter Reckell) chews Shawn (Brandon Beemer) out for contaminating the crime scene.

Marlena (Deidre Hall) is at home contemplating her talk with Hope (Kristian Alfonso) in yesterday's Days of our Lives, when Belle (Martha Madison) comes over.  Marlena asks her daughter how married life is treating her.  She asks if she is really happy, or if wishes she had married somebody else.

Marlena asks if Belle would rather have married Philip (Jay Kenneth Johnson).  Marlena reminds her that no friendship or relationship gets in the way of her and her husband.  Belle realizes that Hope told her about Philip.

Shawn defends himself to Bo, but Bo is having none of it.

Cordy says that she can't fight anymore, but Chelsea tries to convince her otherwise.  I have to say that Chelsea is not being very sympathetic here.  I like this Cordy better than the last one--she's a better actress.  Stephanie offers to go with Cordy back to the house.  Nick asks Chelsea if she has plans for tonight, and Chelsea wants to do something kind of illegal with Nick.  She wants to break in to Ford Decker's room.  She wants to find some kind of evidence that will prove that Ford is a rapist.  She's going all vigilante on Ford's ass and asks for Nick's help, but Nick can't help.

Bo is still lecturing Shawn.  Will someone please tell me how all this is relevant?  I'm guessing that Shawn will be totally in the doghouse with the Salem PD, so Philip is going to swoop in with his evidence that will redeem Shawn in the eyes of the force.

Belle is complaining about Hope to Marlena.  Marlena asks her point-blank if she slept with Philip.  Belle doesn't say that she did.  She says that she didn't sleep with Philip and only admitted to Hope that she did because she knew that Hope wouldn't believe anything otherwise.  Belle is being a little bit of a brat here.  Marlena says that she has some things she has to take care so she asks Belle to leave.

Chelsea pleads with Nick to help her, but he still refuses.  Chelsea is also acting like a brat, and leaves to do the breaking-in by herself.  Nick, who has no backbone, chases after her.

Shawn lets slip to Bo that the letter that messed up his chances of getting into the academy was written by Belle.

Marlena asks Belle if there's anything she wants to say.

Nick tries to stop Chelsea, but there is nothing Nick can do about it.  Nick finally caves and offers to get them sandwiches for their stakeout.

Bo is indignant and angry that Belle would undermine Shawn's career like that.  He asks Shawn if he trusts Belle.  Speaking of Belle, she finally breaks down and admits to Marlena that she slept with Philip, but the night before the wedding, she only went to Titan to talk to Philip as a friend.  Marlena tells her that once and for all, she has to cut Philip completely out of her life for the sake of her marriage.

Nick brings a ton of food and suggests that they take pictures if they find anything in Ford's room so that they won't tamper with any of the evidence.  This is classic Chelsea manipulations, however.  She's just laying her charm on thick to get Nick to go along with her.

Shawn notices Bo is not pleased with Belle,

Belle confides in Marlena that she wishes Shawn were more confident in himself.  Marlena goes all psychiatrist and asks Belle how Philip makes her feel.  Belle tearfully says that Philip is always in control and it feels really good to be taken care of.  Marlena reminds her, however, that she can't have two men.

Roman (Josh Taylor) asks Shawn to keep an eye on Brady's Pub because Gramps is a little under the weather.  Roman wants to have a word with the police officer who is going to write him up, but Bo doesn't think it's a good idea because it might make it look like Shawn is getting special treatment.  Roman is probably going to do it anyway.  The other cop comes over with a baggie of shell casings.

Marlena reminds Belle that she herself was caught between two men for a long time and it did nothing but hurt people.  Belle says that she'll make a decision regarding Shawn and Philip and asks Marlena not to tell Hope about it until she does.

Nick and Chelsea are in the car outside of Ford's apartment.  They can see his shadow through the curtains.  Finally, they see him leaving.  Nick suggests that they climb a tree and get in through the window.

In the cabin near the DiMera mansion, Roman and Bo have found a whole bunch of junk food wrappers and bullet casings.  They suspect that whoever used the place was probably practicing shooting a gun.

Belle goes over to the pub and finds a bummed out Shawn.  He tells her about how he messed up the crime scene.  She goes outside to call Philip, asking him to give Shawn the evidence in exchange for a night alone with her.

Next on Days of our Lives: Chelsea finds something, Bo has to arrest Marlena, Belle and Philip kiss, Roman advises Kate not to speak.

-Debbie Chang, BuddyTV Staff Writer
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