Days of our Lives: May 23 Live Thoughts
Days of our Lives: May 23 Live Thoughts
Days of our Lives begins in the hospital locker room.  Daniel (Shawn Christian) and Lexie (Renee Jones) decompress about their long work days and hard personal lives.  Lexie admits without going into too much detail that she and Abe aren't doing very well.

At the DiMera mansion, Marlena (Deidre Hall) brings breakfast for Sami (Alison Sweeney), who is still reeling from the fight with Lucas she had on yesterday's Days of our Lives.  Sami admits that she wishes she could take back having sex with EJ.  Elsewhere, EJ (James Scott) warily greets Lucas (Bryan Dattilo).

Lexie lets loose her frustrations about Abe to Daniel.  They don't agree about finances, retirement plans and Theo.  Daniel offers a sympathetic ear.  Lexie asks him about Chelsea, but he stays mum on the matter.  Lexie leaves the locker room and finds Abe out in the hallway.  He has dropped in to surprise her, but she's really busy and can't hang out.  Things are tense between them.  They argue about how difficult it is to make time for the other.  Lexie changes her mind and accepts his invitation to breakfast.

They come back to the hospital after breakfast and things are looking up between them.  Daniel walks by and Lexie thanks him for his help.  Abe gets suspicious about their little exchange.  Abe isn't happy that Lexie was blabbing about their marital problems to him.  He doesn't want her to air their dirty laundry to everyone in Salem.

At the pub, Chelsea (Rachel Melvin) and Morgan Hollingsworth (Kristen Renton) are cramming for finals over breakfast.  Morgan gets up to get a drink and Philip (Jay Kenneth Johnson) intercepts her.  He asks her about her father says that his father will have to accept the consequences of accepting a bribe from John Black.  John (Drake Hogestyn) himself shows up and says that will not happen.  Neither Morgan nor Philip is particularly pleased to see John.  Morgan even tells him to stay away from her father.

Morgan goes back to Chelsea, and the two procrastinate studying by talking about boys.  Chelsea tells her about kissing Daniel yesterday, but she isn't sure how things stand.  Philip interrupts and asks to speak to Morgan alone.  He has a proposition for her.  Philip offers to talk to the D.A. on behalf of her father as long as she can convince her father to give Philip everything he's got on John.  Chloe (Nadia Bjorlin) shows up and asks what's going on.  Chloe introduces herself to Morgan, and asks how she and Philip met and started dating.  Philip pulls Chloe away to give her a talking to.  Chloe walks out and nearly runs into EJ who has come to the pub.  EJ flirtatiously asks if she'd like to join him for coffee.

Seriously, Morgan and Chelsea should study at the library or something.  They're clearly not getting any work done because they keep getting interrupted.  This time, Daniel stops by.  Morgan conveniently has to go to her internship, leaving Daniel the opportunity to ask Chelsea if she has anything to say.  The nerve!  He should be the one to answer that question.  Chelsea stands up to him.

Marlena does her best to counsel Sami, encouraging her to talk to Lucas.  In the next room, EJ, wearing a black wifebeater, antagonizes Lucas, and Lucas responds by telling EJ to move out.  Sami and Marlena join them and ask what's going on.  Marlena scolds them for arguing, saying that the twins need to grow up in a peaceful environment.  EJ asks for a truce.

Marlena runs into Roman (Josh Taylor) on her way out.  Roman is here to follow up on the stolen disk.  John doesn't want Roman anywhere the house (because he is Marlena's ex-husband).

Rolf delivers a bottle of wine from Nicole to EJ, and Sami gets jealous.  This escalates into another fight between Sami and Lucas about why Sami slept with EJ.

Sami goes up to her room to cry, and Rolf brings her up some warm milk.  He makes her feel better by comparing Nicole's wine as paint thinner.  Sami and Rolf bond again about their past wrongs that they have committed.  Lucas comes into Sami's room.  Sami apologizes for everything and takes responsibility for everything.  She doesn't expect him to forgive him, but she just wants to tell him how very sorry she is.  Lucas doesn't say anything for a while.  Then, he kisses her.

Meanwhile, at the pub, Philip fondles John's disk as he glares at Chloe and EJ.  Outside the pub, police sirens start blaring.  Chloe looks out the window and says that the entire Salem PD is heading down the pier.

At the DiMera mansion, Roman gets a call from the station telling him that there is major police action going down at the pier, involving John's shipments.

Next on Days of our Lives:  Lucas asks Sami if she has feelings for EJ, there is some kind of drug shipment at the pier, John wants to prove to the police that he's not involved in drugs.

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