Days of our Lives: May 2 Live Thoughts
Days of our Lives: May 2 Live Thoughts
Today on Days of our Lives, Kate (Lauren Koslow) is getting primped and preened for her commercial shoot in which she will get marketed as the new Martha Stewart with her line of Hearth and Home cookware.

At home, John Black (Drake Hogestyn) tells Marlena (Deidre Hall) whether he should expand his business interests to include Japan or Italy.  Marlena is partial to Italy, since they were married there.  John gives him a big kiss.

Martino Vitali, Ava's father, and his henchmen have caught Earl the snitch in a smoky alley behind the Cheatin' Heart.  Vitali is very upset that Earl would give up the whereabouts to the compound so easily, allowing his daughter to get arrested.  Things are not looking good for Earl.

Ava is still under surveillance at the hospital, and now under the care of Kayla (Mary Beth Evans).  Kayla tells her that the pills she has been taking are actually making her worse, but Ava still demands that her own doctor treat her.

At the photoshoot, Tony DiMera (Thaao Penghlis) has invited Anna to the set, but Kate isn't happy to see her.  The women exchange nasty barbs, and Kate tells Tony that it's either going to be her or Anna - he must choose.  Unfortunately, things get complicated when the casting director asks Anna to replace one of the actresses for the commercial.  During the first take of their commercial, Kate and Anna get into a huge fight.  This isn't going to end well.  Kate fires Anna from the internet account that she gave her and says that she never wants to work with her again.  Tony is so in love with Anna again that he invites her out to dinner at Chez Rouge, and then they get down to do the nasty on the commercial set.

Sami (Alison Sweeney) and EJ (James Scott) walk in on John and Marlena kissing.  He starts acting silly and calls Marlena "Doc," which leads Sami to think that the old John might be back.  Rolf is startled to hear this, and drops a tray that he was carrying on a chair.  John tells Rolf to throw the chair out, but EJ protests that it's an antique.  John says whatever, but he does want to get rid of a lot of things in the DiMera mansion, starting with the big oil painting of Stefano on the wall.  Rolf is nervous about that because it covers a secret safe in which is hidden the minidisc that contains all of John's memories.  John demands that he take down the painting right away, but Rolf tries to stall.  John goes to take down the painting himself and discovers the wall safe.  Rolf uses a Bundt cake in the oven as an excuse to leave the room, but John makes him stay.  Rolf refuses to open it, so John takes out a stethoscope to try to crack the safe himself.  He cracks the code with no problem at all and finds real estate documents.  Inside the documents, he also finds the minidisc.  Dun dun dun!  John puts the disc in his pocket and says that he'll examine it in private.

Sami and EJ ask John and Marlena to testify on their behalf in their immigration hearing.  Marlena is hesitant to lie, but Sami and EJ tries to convince them they actually have a very normal life.  Marlena agrees to testify.  Unfortunately, the hearing is today, in about a half an hour.

Kayla and Lexie (Renee Jones) tell Abe (James Carver) and Steve (Stephen Nichols) that the medication that Ava's psychiatrist prescribed for her actually causes anxiety and paranoia, which is why she hasn't been getting any better.  Ava doesn't believe them.  She tells them that Dr. Neussbaum was trying to help her remember something that happened to her right after Patch left her at the altar, but so far, she hasn't yet been able to remember.  She screams and cries.  Outside the room, Kayla tells Steve and Abe that she really, sincerely wants to help Ava.  She doesn't have any hard feelings toward Ava because she believes that she was able to control herself due to the drugs that Neussbaum was giving her.  Kayla tells Steve that Ava tried to take her own life (which she learned on yesterday's Days of our Lives) after Steve left her.  He is saddened to hear this.  Steve goes in to visit her, and she asks him to get her out of here.  He refuses and she starts screaming.  Then, at that moment, Ava's father enters the room.  Ava looks frightened out of her gourd to see him.

The Vitali guys shoot Earl the snitch in the head.  Abe gets a call about Earl's body found in the alley behind the Cheatin' Heart so he and the cops go to check it out.  Kate happens to be by and the cops question her.  As soon as her conversation with the cops is over, Vitali calls her and asks to see her, for old times' sake.  Hm!  So Kate has ties with the mob too!  She doesn't really want to get involved with all that again, but she reluctantly agrees to meet him for dinner that night. 

Next on Days of our Lives: Kate talks to Chelsea about her crush on Daniel, Lexie talks to Daniel about his crush on Chelsea, Nicole crashes Sami and EJ's immigration hearing.

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