Days of our Lives: March 21 Live Thoughts
Days of our Lives: March 21 Live Thoughts
It's down at the pier today on Days of our Lives.  Max (Darin Brooks) is unloading cargo when he is told by Paul Hollingsworth (whom John Black had been negotiating with) not to unload some Kiriakis containers.  He also tells Max that if he cooperates with the customs agency, he can get Max's community service sentence cut in half.  As soon as the customs guy leaves, Max gets on the phone with Philip to tell him what's going on with his shipments.

Belle (Martha Madison), Shawn (Brandon Beemer) and Claire drop by at the DiMera mansion to tell John (Drake Hogestyn) that they are leaving and wanted to say good-bye.  Golly, they sure are in a hurry to sail around the world, despite not having  graduated from either the police academy or nursing school.  Perhaps most importantly, Bo isn't really out of the woods yet, and already Shawn wants to skip town?  That's love.

Marlena (Deidre Hall) is back at work as a psychiatrist, and her patient is Victor Kiriakis.  Victor is really uncomfortable, however, and is rethinking being Marlena's patient.  Marlena tells him not to think of her as a psychiatrist, but as a friend.  He has issues to work through, with all that has been going on with Bo and Chelsea, with Brady gone missing, with Isabella's death, to name a few.

John offers to buy Belle and Shawn a boat for them their world-wide sailing adventure.  Shawn is suspicious of John's motives for giving them a boat, but Belle wants to believe that there are glimmers of love in John that are trying to get out.  How convenient that believing in him also gets her a brand new boat.  John brings
Claire to the kitchen to get her a juice box (Belle is impressed that he had the foresight to stock the kitchen with things that Claire likes) and offers the grown-ups some champagne.  They have a long, drawn-out good-bye because they will be leaving as soon as the boat is ready.  John hugs Claire in a touching good-bye, and he even gets teary.  He says, without a hint of irony, that there is something in his eye.

Belle and Shawn go to visit Bo to say good-bye.  They are leaving tomorrow morning.  Man, that was fast.  Hope (Kristian Alfonso) is surprised at the expediency of their departure, but there is nothing she can do about it, since Brandon Beemer's and Martha Madison's departure from Days of our Lives had been announced long ago.  There are tearful hugs all around before the brave sojourners make their way around the world.

Steve (Stephen Nichols) catches Kayla (Mary Beth Evans) at the hospital.  She was supposed to be at home resting, but she couldn't help but come by to check in on Bo.  While she checks on him, Steve talks to the bodyguard he hired to follow Kayla in the waiting room.  When Kayla comes back out, she notices that the bodyguard is still there, and tells Steve that it's weird that he's been around here so much these days.  Feeling backed into a corner, Steve says that he has something important to tell her, but then he procrastinates and says that it can wait until they go home.

Philip (Jay Kenneth Johnson) shows up at the pier and confronts Paul Hollingsworth.  Hollingsworth says that the Kiriakis containers will have to be quarantined, and Philip tries to bribe him.  They are interrupted when Morgan comes traipsing down the dock with coffee and a croissant for the customs guy.  Max is surprised that she knows him, and it turns out that he is Morgan's dad.  But Mr. Hollingsworth doesn't have a Southern accent, so how exactly did Morgan turn out to be a Southern belle?  Also, they sort of look like they are the same age.  Philip tries to grandstand to Hollingsworth, but decides not to press the issue at present and instead calls Victor to tell him about the quarantine.  Hollingsworth accuses Max of tattling.

Victor tells Marlena that he has to attend to his customs business but he'd like to continue their session at another time.  Marlena is disappointed to hear that John went through with his plan to bribe Hollingsworth, who used to be an upper crust type but has now found himself in hard times and, thus, vulnerable to bribery.  Philip barges into the DiMera mansion to confront John about his customs shenanigans, accusing him of playing dirty.  John says that it's funny to hear that coming from a Kiriakis, but does he even remember what the Kiriakises are like?  Marlena shows up right then to tsk tsk at John.  He straight-up lies to her that he isn't involved in any bribery.

Morgan and her father sit down together at the pier.  Morgan is hurt because her mom and dad are divorced.  Not sure where this bit of information is going to lead, though.  Elsewhere at the pier--it actually looks like approximately ten feet away from them--Victor shows up to thank Max for giving Philip a heads-up and offers him a job to continue spying for the Kiriakises.  Victor then walks five paces to the left and asks to speak to Paul Hollingsworth in private.  Victor tells Paul that he'll double whatever John is paying him, but Paul refuses.

Next on Days of our Lives: Marlena doesn't want Belle to accept John's boat, Kayla tries to save Bo's life, Ava sneaks into the hospital to stalk Hope.

-Debbie Chang, BuddyTV Staff Writer
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