Days of our Lives: March 20 Live Thoughts
Days of our Lives: March 20 Live Thoughts
It's back to the advertising business on today's Days of our Lives.  Morgan Hollingsworth is in full swing working as an intern at Tony DiMera's agency.  Tony's Red Bull-fueled male assistant buzzes around keeping Tony up to date with all the goings-on.  Anna DiMera walks in and calmly tells Tony that she wants his assistant.

Steve (Stephen Nichols) and Roman (Josh Taylor) are still camped out in the hospital waiting room, waiting for any news on Bo's surgery.  Chelsea (Rachel Melvin) is out of the OR.  She wakes up from the anesthesia to find Kate (Lauren Koslow) and Daniel in her room.  Bo (Peter Reckell) is also out of surgery, but there is no news yet on how everything went.

Anna repeats that she wants Tony's male assistant, named Ethan.  There's a tiny bit of miscommunication when everyone thinks that Anna wants Ethan to serve her sexual needs, but she sets everyone straight.  She needs an assistant.  But Tony pays Ethan a whole bunch, and Anna can't afford him.  She tries to steal Morgan away too.  She needs someone because her own intern Stephanie is at the hospital.  Tony is sobered to learn that Bo Brady is very sick.  I can't believe he doesn't know this yet.  I'm also surprised at how unprofessional Anna is.  Crikey.  Anna confesses that she is really dying to land Kate Roberts' new campaign.  She has some rough sketches in a paper portfolio for this campaign, which she shows Tony.  I have no idea why she is even showing him her work.  He is her competitor!  Tony shows off his electronic sketches.  Tony argues that she needs him and obviously can't make it on her own.  Anna gets mad, grabs a painting from off the wall, and breaks it over Tony's head.  Tony dismisses Ethan and Morgan, and then mock-angrily tells Anna that she's a spoiled brat who deserves to be spanked.  He throws her on the couch and then they get down to do the dirty.  Ugh, can Days of our Lives please think of better storylines than this, please?  I mean, sure, I criticized the partial pancreas transplant story, but at least there was an emotional foundation to it.  And mostly, my critique of that story was just in in execution and lack of detail, not the actual story itself.  Right now, I could care less about Anna and Tony.

Tony and Anna postcoitally canoodle on the couch.  Ethan knocks at the door, concerned for his boss, so Tony and Anna immediately set about getting dressed.  They pretend to keep bickering for Ethan's and Morgan's benefit, but they ain't fooling anyone.

Daniel compliments Chelsea on how brave and generous she was in giving up her pancreas.  He is impressed at how great she did.  There's some unconvincing flirting going on between them.  Stephanie (Shelley Hennig) comes in, and as soon as Daniel leaves, she gushes teasingly to Chelsea about how cute the doc is.  Kate finds Daniel and gives him a piece of her mind: if he doesn't make sure Chelsea recovers without complication, then there will be hell to pay.

Hope (Kristian Alfonso) and Caroline (Peggy McCay) are glued to Bo's bedside.  He's still out cold, though.  Steve tries to convince Kayla (Mary Beth Evans) to go home and get some sleep.  But before he can convince them, Bo begins to stir.  He makes a joke about keeping down the noise, but he doesn't know right away that he had the surgery.

Steve finally succeeds in bringing Kayla home and showers her with rose petals.  He opens up a bottle of sparkling cider to toast her great medical prowess.  Steve is very cute when he's being sweet.  He sets her up with the remote while he goes to get something to eat, and does this cute act where he pretends to ask the baby what it wants to eat.  As soon as he leaves, though, she winces with pain in her abdomen.

In the waiting room, Philip (Jay Kenneth Johnson) asks Belle (Martha Madison) what's going on with her.  He knows that she and Shawn are planning something.  Belle says that they are planning to sail around the world.  (My immediate thought is how they are going to afford it, but I'll just go with it.)  Philip is sad to hear the news because it means that Claire won't be close by anymore.

Daniel informs the family that Bo's surgery went really well, and there are a lot of things in his favor.  They just have to make sure that Bo's body won't reject Chelsea's pancreas.  After weeks of heartache, everyone is finally all smiles.  Not so fast, though.  Alone in his room, Bo wakes up wincing in pain.  There's a lot of that going around today.

Next on Days of our Lives: Max informs the Kiriakises that their shipments are being quarantined, Belle and Shawn say good-bye to John, Steve has something important to tell Kayla.

-Debbie Chang, BuddyTV Staff Writer
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