Days of our Lives: March 18 Live Thoughts
Days of our Lives: March 18 Live Thoughts
The drama continues on Days of our Lives today.  Dr. Daniel Jonas advises Hope (Kristian Alfonso) that she might want to say good-bye to Bo, since he may only have a few hours left to live.  Hope is devastated and demands that Daniel do whatever he can to save his life.  Daniel reminds everyone that Chelsea is drunk and her system must purge itself of the alcohol before they can begin the surgery.

Kate (Lauren Koslow) sits by Chelsea's (Rachel Melvin) bedside, as she waits to sober up.  Again, Kate proves herself to be the smartest of the Salem crew because she tells Chelsea to consider all of the consequences of donating part of her pancreas.  She could die from the procedure.  Even in the best case scenario, she would live her entire life with health complications.  Chelsea says that she still wants to go through with it.  She asks Kate to get her a glass of water, and as soon as she's alone, Chelsea begins pulling all the tubes out of her tiny, tiny arm.

Marlena (Deidre Hall) sees John (Drake Hogestyn) standing by himself in the waiting room.  She is glad that he is there because it shows that he has some concern for Bo.  Roman (Josh Taylor) finally shows up at the hospital.  Lexie asks him to take care of the hovering family members, so Roman carts them all away and out of the doctors' hair.  Daniel then asks Hope to leave Bo's room as well.  She reluctantly does so, allowing Daniel to confess to Kayla (Mary Beth Evans) and Lexie in private that he's got nothing.  Daniel orders the two other doctors to grab journal articles about other pancreatic procedures and to meet him in the lab. 

In the waiting room, Philip (Jay Kenneth Johnson) offers his condolences to Roman on the loss of his father.  The two men muse about the dark, new John Black.

Somewhere in the waiting room, Stephanie (Shelley Hennig) tells Max (Darin Brooks) that he should take a break from his backbreaking work.  There's a lot of emotional stuff that he's dealing with, and he should take care of himself.  She reminds him of all he did to save her from the Ford Decker situation and tries to make him feel good about himself.  Kate finds Stephanie and Max and fills them in with the news that Chelsea is the donor.

Meanwhile, a nurse discovers that Chelsea is not in her bed.  Kate, Stephanie and Max run to inform Roman.  Shawn gets upset and whiny that Chelsea can't be counted on (you mean, like, when you need to scavenge her organs, huh?), and Roman gets hospital security to search for her.  In the meantime, Chelsea has made her way to Bo's room.  She tearfully climbs into bed with him and whispers that she's sorry she let him down.  Why aren't there nurses monitoring Bo constantly?  He supposedly only has a few hours to live!  Roman tells the grown-ups that Chelsea is missing, and as expected, Hope is just as whiny about it as Shawn is.

Hope leaves to check on Bo and discovers Chelsea there.  Daniel orders another tox screen for Chelsea, and Lexie goes to take care of it.  Daniel pumps Bo full of a drug that will buy him some more time until they can start the transplant operation.

The final ten minutes of Days of our Lives is a rehashing of all that has happened over the last week.  If you're watching at home, you're not missing much.  Stephanie and Max track down Chelsea in her bed and they say a prayer for Bo and Chelsea.  Finally, with three minutes left of the episode, a nurse tells Chelsea that her blood is clear and they will be getting her into pre-op.  Daniel says that it's finally showtime.

Next on Days of our Lives: Caroline is hopeful, but Chelsea is scared as hell.

-Debbie Chang, BuddyTV Staff Writer
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