Days of our Lives: March 14 Live Thoughts
Days of our Lives: March 14 Live Thoughts
Days of our Lives is here again for another day.  Lexie and Daniel are preparing for the transplant, having found a viable match.  However, they have still not named who the donor is, and they haven't made any attempts to actually bring the donor in to start prepping for surgery.  What??  Shouldn't that be step number one?

Chelsea (Rachel Melvin) has turned her cellphone off and is drowning her sorrows in screwdrivers--light on the orange juice--at the Cheatin' Heart.  Kate (Lauren Koslow) manages to track her down and tries to talk sense into her.  Chelsea thinks that Bo's health problems are her fault because she is Chelsea Benson Brady, otherwise known as the kiss of death.

Kayla (Mary Beth Evans) brings Shawn (Brandon Beemer) into the lab where Lexie and Daniel are.  He thinks he's the donor.  The doctors want to keep the identity of the donor a secret just in case the donor changes his or her mind.  Shawn gets upset, suggesting that he would force the donor to give up his or her pancreas for his father.  Um, what?  I can't believe these people!  The donor could very well die from the procedure.  It's not like giving blood, or even donating bone marrow.  These people drive me crazy.  Kayla explains to Shawn that they are still tracking down the donor, which might take a while because his or her cellphone is turned off, but she needs Shawn to keep the family from asking too many questions.

Meanwhile, Luke the bartender has cut Chelsea off.  Geddit?  Chelsea turned her cellphone off.  Hrm, the donor turned her cellphone off.  Ergo, Chelsea must be the donor!  (But we all knew that already, didn't we?)  What I can't understand is why Lexie keeps trying Chelsea's cell?  Why not try everyone else in town too?  Also, she is married to the police commissioner, who must know a thing or two about tracking down missing persons.  Gawd, how again is it that she became chief of medicine at the hospital?  Certainly not because of her overwhelming amount of common sense.  Sometimes Days of our Lives drives me nuts.

Kayla comes out to the waiting room to tell the family what's going on.  Steve asks if he can help, and Kayla just says that she'll let him know if she does.  Wrong!  The correct answer would be, "Yes!  Go find Chelsea!"  Kayla then goes to Bo's room to tell them the sitch.  She explains that she can't reveal the identity of the donor because it's hospital policy to wait until the donor has signed release forms.  Everyone badgers her to give up the goods, and because no one cares about hospital policy anyway, Kayla tells everyone that it's Chelsea.

In the meanwhile, Chelsea has run out of the Cheatin' Heart and escaped from Kate.  Kate is the first person with any kind of sense, as she immediately gets on the phone with Nick to ask for his help in tracking her down.  Chelsea drunkenly stumbles around somewhere, remembering her times with Bo.  How hard would it be to find her?  She clearly can't walk a straight line.

Bo doesn't want to let Chelsea go through with the transplant because she might die, and even if she doesn't, she'll have to live the rest of her life with a partial pancreas.  Everyone is indignant, insisting that he's making the wrong choice.  I can't believe people are so cavalier about Chelsea's life and so ready to sacrifice her.  It's a major surgery that in the best of circumstances will cause her pain and poor health for the rest of her presumably shortened life.  I bet if she goes through with the surgery, she'll have some nasty neglect issues to deal with.

In the park, Chelsea checks her phone and sees that she has a lot of messages, but doesn't bother to listen to any of them.  Her phone buzzes again, but she doesn't answer because she is completely passed out.

Everyone scurries about to look for Chelsea.  Victor will get his men on it.  (I love how the Kiriakises always have men to do their bidding.  Where can I get some?)

Kate finally finds Chelsea passed out in the park.  Shawn finds out about Chelsea's whereabouts and informs Dr. Jonas.  They won't be able to do the surgery if she's drunk, however.  Dr. Jonas books it over to the park and takes her to the hospital himself.

Next on Days of our Lives: Everyone yells at Chelsea, John informs Philip that he wants to liquidate Kiriakis shipping.

-Debbie Chang, BuddyTV Staff Writer
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