Days of our Lives: March 10 Live Thoughts
Days of our Lives: March 10 Live Thoughts
On today's Days of our Lives, Dr. Rolf is in full-on German butler mode.  John Black (Drake Hogestyn) has invited his immediate family over for a dinner party and has dispatched Rolf to cook and prepare for it.  Now, is it smart to ask someone who hates you to prepare the food?  Rolf makes a Martha Stewart joke, but it goes right over John's head.  His amnesia has conveniently wiped out all prior knowledge he had about the home decorating maven.  Poor John.

Steve (Stephen Nichols) has a meeting with a disreputable looking dude in a back alley somewhere.  Steve knew him during his Patch days and asked him to track down Ava.  Stephanie (Shelley Hennig) happens to like frequenting sketchy alleyways, and interrupts their meeting.

Lexie and Kayla are determined to find a cure to help Bo, even though Lexie is a bit miffed that Dr. Daniel Jonas likes to work alone.  Kayla has an idea.  She knows a specialist in Zurich and decides to call him.  She finds out that there is a very experimental procedure that they might be able to try on Bo, but Lexie doesn't want to do it until they consult with Daniel first.

Hope (Kristian Alfonso) is Bo's constant companion in his hospital room.  Bo (Peter Reckell) is in obvious discomfort, so Hope distracts him by taking a trip down memory lane.  She talks about their time spent at sea on the Fancy Face, when Hope actually had meat on her bones instead of empty space under her cheekbones.  Those were the days!  Bo tells Hope that if he dies, she should move on, but she says that kind of talk is unacceptable.  All of a sudden, the monitors start beeping frantically and Bo loses consciousness.  Lexie and Kayla rush in with the crash cart and work on reviving Bo.

In the back alley, Steve's sketchy friend makes lewd comments about Stephanie, so Steve tells him to get the hell out of here.  Then he lies to Stephanie, saying that the guy is working undercover for the Salem PD as an informant.  Steph doesn't believe him, though, and demands to know what he's hiding.  He realizes that she isn't going to back down, so he sits her down and tells her the story about his involvement with the Ava and the Vitali family.  He tells her that he has a guard on Kayla and he's going to get one for Stephanie too.  She is incensed and insists that they tell Kayla.  Steve assures his daughter that he has absolutely no feelings for Ava, so Stephanie finally goes along with keeping the secret.

Marlena (Deidre Hall), Belle (Martha Madison), Shawn (Brandon Beemer) and Claire arrive at the DiMera mansion for dinner, and are completely skeeved out by John's creepy demeanor.  Marlena presents him with a gift.  It's a photo album with pictures of everyone in the family.  He doesn't want to look at it at first, but then he reluctantly does.  Oops, Days of our Lives was interrupted by breaking news about Governor Eliot Spitzer's alleged link to a major prostitution ring (this actually sounds like a soap!), so I missed the fact that John has a mini breakdown.  He goes outside and sulks that everyone is pushing him too hard to remember his past.  Marlena suggests that they ease up on John and show him that they love him whether he remembers his past or not.  They see Rolf lurking in the shadows and demands that he restore John's memory.  Rolf lies that he doesn't know how to reverse the procedure.

John decides to go ahead with dinner and has Rolf bring in the appetizers.  Rolf sees Belle and Shawn playing chess and shouts that they can't touch it because it belongs to Stefano.  John says that everything belongs to him now, and agrees with Belle that Rolf is very, very creepy.  Right before dinner, John tells everyone that he is planning to rebuild the DiMera shipping empire.

At the hospital, Lexie has managed to start Bo's heart back again, and Kayla asks to talk to Hope about the experimental procedure that she found out about.  Unfortunately, the program is interrupted by the news again because Eliot Spitzer will be giving a press conference shortly.  Some cell phone records are available now which connects him to the prostitution ring.  Woah, it's getting juicy.  But back to Days of our Lives, Lexie and Kayla tell Hope to call the Bradys to the hospital because it might be their last chance to say good-bye to Bo.  But in the meantime, they will start on the experimental procedure.

Next on Days of our Lives: Daniel isn't very hopeful about the experimental procedure.

-Debbie Chang, BuddyTV Staff Writer
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