'Days of Our Lives' Lives On
'Days of Our Lives' Lives On
When a television show has been up and running since the 1960s, you know it means business.  Apparently, Days of Our Lives has followed suit.  Having recently celebrated its 43rd anniversary last November 8, the show seemed unstoppable.  However, fans have constantly speculated that the days for Days of Our Lives have ended.  Many believed that their beloved soap opera would no longer exist in the near future, but all accounts of that have been disproved. 

According to NBC, Days of Our Lives will simply keep going.  The network has announced that they have just signed an 18-month deal with Sony Pictures TV.  This merits a collective cheer from fans worldwide, but the good news doesn't stop there.  It means that the recent contract that Days has, which runs out in March 2009, will extend even further.  The soap will definitely be running until around September of 2010. 

The deal that NBC signed with Sony has also stipulated that an additional year could be possible, if certain goals are met.  One of these objectives is keeping the mayhem alive in the drama-packed town of Salem until 2011.  Of course, there's no question that it's attainable with all the Days storylines twisting and turning lately.

Another defining point for the contract is that budget restrictions have been forcing the show's creators to change many things.  This could range from set locations to cast choices.  Though many are satisfied with how the series is running, they might be in for some surprises as Days has to adjust to accommodate budget adjustments. 

For now though, fans of Days of Our Lives remain thrilled with the news.  The stories will have to be stretched out for another couple of years.  This just means that the Days writers have their jobs cut out for them.  If they can keep the chaos and tension going for another millennium, then let them have their way.

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-Maria Gonzalez, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
Source: NBC, Soapoperafan.com
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