Days of our Lives: June 9 Live Thoughts
Days of our Lives: June 9 Live Thoughts
Days of our Lives begins with Nicole and EJ (James Scott) smooching.  EJ breaks off the kiss, saying that he can't do it.  He asks her to stop manipulating him with regard to his marriage.  He says that she can't blackmail him.  (Remember, last week on Days of our Lives, Nicole threatened to go to the tabloids about his fake annulment if he doesn't become very generous with her.)  The doorbell rings, and Henderson shows Ava in.  She wants to go out and have a girls' night, but EJ says that's a terrible idea because Nicole shouldn't be seen with someone charged with bringing down an airplane.  Nicole doesn't listen and goes out anyway.  Then Chelsea (Rachel Melvin) walks in, looking for Victor.  Instead of finding Victor, she finds Daniel, who greets her with a big kiss.

Nick (Blake Berris) invites Max (Darin Brooks) and Stephanie (Shelley Hennig) to a book signing by the dean of the physics department at the Java Cafe.

Ava and Nicole head over to the Java Cafe.  Nicole breaks out a flask of hooch and offers Ava some.  Ava declines.  They don't have any other place to go, though, because Salem doesn't offer very much in the way of night life on a Monday night.  Nicole suggests that they take their party somewhere else.  They go over to Ava's hotel room at the Salem Inn with a couple of guys who are in town for a fitness convention.  They mix martinis and start dancing, but Nicole can't stop thinking about kissing EJ, and Ava daydreams about John, who asked her out to dinner last week.  Eventually, Ava fakes a headache and the two women ask the guys to leave.  They decide to drink more martinis and talk about men.  Ava confesses that she has her eye on John Black.

Max insincerely congratulations Nick about all of his success.  And he finally says that there is something he wants to tell Nick.  But at the last minute, Max doesn't say what's really on his mind and just repeats that he's impressed with Nick.  Dean Robbins walks through the door, and Max is upset to see him.  He didn't realize that it was Dean Robbins who wrote the book.  Max makes excuses to explain his outburst and then makes nice when the dean walks over.  After Dean Robbins' talk, Stephanie suggests that they buy a copy of his book, and Max very forcefully says no.  Max hustles his friends out of the cafe, and Max comes back in by himself.  He approaches the dean and tells him that he is a conman and a fraud.  He tells the dean that his theories are flawed and he is a no-good sumbitch, and he's going to tell everyone at the university and in town know it.  Is it me, or is this coming straight out of left field?  There was no lead up to the dean being a bad guy.

At the Kiriakis mansion, it turns out that Daniel's arrival is all just a figment of Chelsea's imagination.  Victor (John Aniston) catches her spacing out.  Chelsea asks him for a favor.  She wants him to pull some strings at the hospital for her to get a job there and do some good.  Geez, can't she find her own job?  Victor offers to call Daniel on Chelsea's behalf.

At the hospital, Kate (Lauren Koslow) walks in, out of breath and wincing, and asks Daniel for help.  She is having stomach pains.  Victor and Chelsea walk in on Daniel examining Kate.  Obviously, privacy is a very low-priority issues at Salem University Hospital.  Daniel wants to keep Kate overnight to run some tests.  He also has a summer job in mind for Chelsea, but Chelsea gets all awkward and avoidy about it.  Kate asks to talk to Chelsea alone.  Kate thinks it's not such a great idea for Chelsea to work at the hospital, but Chelsea says that she'll be fine.  Victor asks Daniel about Kate's condition, but he can't discuss the case with him.  Kate starts screaming out in pain.

Bo (Peter Reckell) and Hope (Kristian Alfonso) show up at the DiMera mansion with a search warrant.  John (Drake Hogestyn) continues to insist that he was framed.  Bo and Rolf search upstairs, which gives John a chance to remind Hope about the time they had spine-shattering sex on a submarine.  John is gettin' around!  Hope gets angry at him and shuts him down, so John says he'll just question Bo about it.  Hope doesn't want to bring Bo in, so she agrees to tell John about their dirty past (which John can't remember).  She tells him the story and then changes the subject.  Bo and Rolf come back downstairs, and John tells them all to interrogate Philip Kiriakis, and that he has proof that Philip framed him.  He says that Philip has been having clandestine meetings with Paul Hollingsworth and suggests that the cops look into their connection.

Next on Days of our Lives: More Sami and Lucas shenanigans, Morgan tells Philip that someone needs to stop John Black.

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