Days of our Lives: June 27 Live Thoughts
Days of our Lives: June 27 Live Thoughts
Today on Days of our Lives, Tony (Thaao Penghlis) and Anna (Leann Hunley) are enjoying a romantic dinner after what sounds like a busy evening of sex.

Across the dining room, Victor (John Aniston) rips Philip (Jay Kenneth Johnson) a new one for his clumsy handling of the Paul Hollingsworth issue.

Chelsea (Rachel Melvin) and Daniel's date at the hospital is still underway.  He whispers in her ear all the dirty things he wants to do with her.

Marlena (Deidre Hall) and John (Drake Hogestyn) are still in the middle of arguing over the disc.  The doorbell rings and Ava enters the room.  John wants Ava to stay.  He wants to ask Ava's opinion on the disc, and Marlena is uncharacteristically rude to her.  Ava tries to bow out of the conversation, but John insists that she stay.  Ava suggests that John take a look at the disc, but John isn't all that interested.  Marlena gets fed up and leaves, allowing John and Ava to start kissing, but John can't stop thinking about the disc.  Ava suggests that he destroy it.  He doesn't want to destroy it, and instead, wants to bring it down to the lab to look at what's on it.  Ava wants to tag along.

At Chez Rouge, Tony toasts to forever being newlyweds with Anna.  He says the only thing that can make him happier is if she quit her job at the rival advertising firm and come work for him.  She emphatically says no and is baffled about why he would suggest it.  Anna's boss comes by and wants to discuss something important.  He has been forced to close his agency, and can't even afford to offer her a severance package.  Anna is surprised.  Tony comes back, and Anna accepts his offer.  Her one condition is that she works with him, and not for him.  Tony agrees, but he wants to know why she changed her mind.  She leaves to go freshen up, and Anna's boss stops by and tells him about his business failure.  When Anna returns, Tony wants to talk about Anna's sudden decision to work with him.  The lights in the restaurant dim a bit.  Tony says that he doesn't care how they got where they are, he's just ecstatic that his beautiful wife will be working by his side.

Victor and Philip continue to argue while Morgan walks by and makes eyes at Philip.  Victor immediately suspects that Philip is sleeping with Paul Hollingsworth's daughter and is incensed.  Philip denies it.  Morgan stops by and introduces herself.  Philip plays it cool in front of Papa Kiriakis, which confuses Morgan a bit.  Victor takes his leave.  After Victor leaves, Morgan says that she's suspicious of Philip's motives, and she doesn't like being played.  Philip says that, yes, he wants to find her father for business interests, but he also likes Morgan.

Marlena leaves the DiMera mansion and goes to Chez Rouge for a drink.  Victor sees her and asks to join her, but she isn't in the mood for company.  Victor offers his help, but Marlena thinks that maybe Philip might be more help.

Lexie (Renee Jones) and Abe (James Reynolds) continue to struggle with the news that their son Theo is autistic.  Lexie doesn't see what good it would do to keep discussing things.  She wants to contact specialists and draw up a plan for how to help Theo.  Lexie dissolves into tears, and Abe assures her that they will do everything to help their boy.

Daniel breaks off his kiss with Chelsea, confessing that he's not used to dating.  Chelsea suggests having dessert, but sadly, Chez Rouge didn't pack them one.  He gets paged and has to run, and Chelsea smiles that she'll be waiting.  After a while, he comes back, and Chelsea has a little surprise for him.  She presents him with a jell-o cup from the patient in the next room.  Instead of eating, they start making out, and then Daniel puts some soft dance music on so they can dance.

Next on Days of our Lives: Stephanie and Chelsea talk about Max, EJ and Sami have an intense conversation.

-Debbie Chang, BuddyTV Staff Writer
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