Days of our Lives: June 20 Live Thoughts
Days of our Lives: June 20 Live Thoughts
Days of our Lives begins post-coitally, always the way I like it.  Chloe (Nadia Bjorlin) wakes up next to Philip (Jay Kenneth Johnson).  They were supposed to talk about their friends with benefits status last night, but it looks they did a whole lot more than that.

Chelsea (Rachel Melvin) and Morgan (Kristen Renton) are working at the gym and they run into special guest star Miss USA Crystle Stewart, who is playing an Alpha Chi Theta sister who is organizing a breast cancer awareness event.  Morgan wants to make plans with Chelsea for later, but Chelsea has a date with Daniel.  Speaking of Daniel, he makes last-minute reservations at Chez Rouge for their date.  He checks in on Kate (Lauren Koslow), who screams at him to get out.

Elsewhere at the hospital, Abe (James Reynolds) and Theo meet up with Lexie (Renee Jones).  Lexie is still super concerned that Theo isn't talking yet.

Trent Robbins calls Nicole, who tells him to leave her the hell alone.  Instead of leaving her alone, he comes out from the shadows and tells her that he doesn't want to let her get away another time.  Nicole tells him she doesn't want to be seen with him.  She alludes to his shady past, and he says that there is someone else in Salem who knows his dirty little secrets.  He lies and says that it's one of his students, which leads Nicole to utter one of my biggest pet peeves on TV.  She asks if it's a pretty "coed" looking to get an A.  Why must the Days of our Lives writers refer to a female college student as a "coed"?  How about just a "student"?  Robbins says no, it's actually one of his grad students.

At the pub, Stephanie (Shelley Hennig) continues to badger Max (Darin Brooks) about Trent.  He found out years ago that Trent was his father.  Stephanie wants him to tell Caroline (Peggy McCay) about it, but Max isn't ready to.  Stephanie leaves to meet the girls at the gym, and Caroline uses that opportunity to grill Max about what's on his mind, but he won't open up.  Nick (Blake Berris) comes in with a mix CD that he promised Max.  Wait, are they going steady or something?  Caroline asks Nick to talk some sense into her son.  Nick gives him some literature about summer school, but Max doesn't want to hear it.

Also at the pub, Marlena (Deidre Hall) and John (Drake Hogestyn) have breakfast together.  He invites her to move back into the mansion, but she still wants to talk about Ava.  But before they talk about Ava, he wants to talk about Philip Kiriakis because he is still convinced that Philip was responsible for the drugs and the fire.

Philip sneaks out of bed and gets dressed.  Chloe wants another round of nooky, but Philip gets a call from John, asking him to meet him at the Brady pub.  The two head down to the pub, and John asks Philip to cut his losses, step down and accept defeat.  He's giving him until the end of the day to think about it, but Philip doesn't want to take the deal.  Philip hands Chloe a wad of cash to get herself some breakfast so that he can go to the gym to work off some steam.  Wow.  That makes Chloe feel terrrriff, I'm sure.

Chelsea tells Morgan that her date is with Daniel.  Instead of being supportive, Morgan is doubtful that going out with Daniel is a good idea.  Actually, Morgan is trying to be supportive; she's just worried about Chelsea's wellbeing.  Stephanie shows up and vents to her friends about Max.  Chelsea gets a phone call from Daniel who is confirming their dinner plans for tonight.  It's really awkward, and Daniel asks her if she's having second thoughts.

At the hospital, one of the candystripers offers to babysit Theo.  Lexie hears Kate making a commotion and goes in to see what's going on.  Kate yells at Daniel to get out of her room.  Lexie badgers Kate about why she asked to have another surgeon.  Lexie is kind of belligerent about it, but I really don't see the problem.  Theo and Abe run into the room, making Lexie look worried.  She tells Kate that they are taking Theo in for some testing today.

Philip and Daniel vent about women while lifting weights at the gym.  Philip can't help but think that Morgan might be the one, and Daniel is freaked out that he might have met the one too.  Daniel is afraid that Kate isn't going to approve of his date with Chelsea.  Philip knows Kate won't like either of his options, but he doesn't care.

Stephanie, Chelsea and Morgan finish their workout and head to the pub, allowing Stephanie to bitch about Dean Robbins and Morgan to bitch about Chloe.  In quite possibly the clunkiest form of integrated advertising, Morgan doubles over in pain, and Stephanie pulls out a box of Midol, reading off the wondrous things this drug can cure.  Woah, has Days of our Lives stooped this low?

After some prompting from Stephanie, Max finally decides to talk to Caroline about his bio dad.  Caroline is happy that he finally told her.  Chloe offers to buy Morgan a cup of coffee and warns her to stay away from Philip, since he has a history of using young women to boost his ego.  Morgan doesn't take any guff.

Back at the DiMera mansion, Marlena returns to collect the rest of her belongings.  She wants to continue their conversation about their relationship.  She gives him permission to explore his options with other women, even though she doesn't want a divorce.

Next on Days of our Lives: Philip and Daniel continue their guy-talk, Lucas tells Chloe that he knows who set the warehouse fire.

-Debbie Chang, BuddyTV Staff Writer
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