Days of our Lives: June 2 Live Thoughts
Days of our Lives: June 2 Live Thoughts
Days of our Lives continues for another week.  Lucas (Bryan Dattilo) and Sami (Alison Sweeney) are at their wits' end trying to calm Johnny down.  The boy won't stop crying, and Sami says that the only person who can help him when he's like that is EJ.  Unfortunately, EJ (James Scott) is getting is mack on with Nicole at Chez Rouge.  Nicole, it seems, is falling hard for EJ, but every time she tries to kiss him, he breaks away.

Abe (James Reynolds) continues to question John (Drake Hogestyn) down at the station.  Roman (Josh Taylor) joins in the questioning.  John continues to insist that he is being framed by Philip Kiriakis.  Another officer brings a dossier of evidence that John indeed was responsible for shipping drugs.

Chloe (Nadia Bjorlin) and Philip (Jay Kenneth Johnson) come home.  Chloe is musing about Nicole, but all Philip can think about is Morgan Hollingsworth.

Stephanie (Shelley Hennig) gives Morgan a call.  Morgan has just arrived at Chez Rouge for Nick's celebration dinner, and Stephanie calls to explain why she and Max had to leave so abruptly.  Steph explains that they left because Max had just gotten off work and felt too casual for Chez Rouge, an outright lie.  Stephanie hangs up and starts up her discussion with Max (Darin Brooks).  She knows that there is something he isn't telling her and she wants to know what it is.  Max says that he is good with numbers in a freaky Rain Man kind of way, but he's not a genius.  Stephanie assures him that she loves him and that she'll be here when he's ready to talk to her.

Morgan runs into her father, Paul Hollingsworth, at Chez Rouge who is there for a nightcap to celebrate.  The jury hands down the verdict tomorrow, whether to indict him or to clear him of charges.  He also tells Morgan that he had nothing to do with the drug shipment.

Also at Chez Rouge, Bo (Peter Reckell) and Hope (Kristian Alfonso) slow dance, relishing in each other.  They are both so happy that they are alive and well.  A little later, Hope notices salsa music playing (although it's more like easy listening salsa music) and badgers Bo into salsa dancing.  They finish dancing and notice that Morgan is there with Paul.  They ask Morgan about what he knows about the drugs, but before he can answer, Philip calls him on his cell.  After he gets off the phone, and then he says that he doesn't know anything about the drugs because it happened after he got fired.  Bo and Hope don't really trust him, though.

At the police station, the evidence that Roman and Abe have is a manifest for one of his ships.  The cargo was from a large drug trafficking center and the contents of his ship were mislabeled.  John is looking guiltier than ever, but he continues to claim innocence.  John realizes that if he were still the old John, neither Abe nor Roman would doubt his claims.  They conclude interrogation and tell him that Marlena paid his bail, so he's free to go.

Chloe decides to go back to her room, but Philip asks her to stay for some more no-strings-attached fun.  After a little bit of fun, Chloe gets up to go back to her room.  (She knows that sex with no strings means no spending the night.)  As she gets dressed, she knocks over some stuff off of Philip's desk, including John's disk.  She picks it up, wondering what it is, and Philip sternly tells her to leave it.  Look, I know that the disk is really important to the Days of our Lives storylines, but why is she curious about it?  I mean, I hardly think it's unusual that he would have a CD.  He explains to her that all of the information on the disk is business-related and encrypted.  Why does he have to explain?  Chloe looks suspicious.

Sami tries to explain to Lucas why EJ is so indispensable in calming down Johnny.  She says that EJ has a particular way of singing a certain song that makes him stop crying.  Lucas gets pissed off, thinking that they can make do just fine without EJ.  Lucas sings the song (in a ridiculous British accent) sings a lullaby that puts a stop to Johnny's crying.  They put him down, but then he starts crying again.  Lucas goes to attend to him while Sami gets a call from Maggie telling her about EJ and Nicole canoodling at Chez Rouge.  Sami gets jealous, grabs her coat and storms out the door.

Nicole and EJ take tequila shots, and EJ lets slip that he's planning to tell Sami that the judge did not approve the annulment papers that she signed.  (The annulment actually is valid, however.)  He doesn't have all the details, but he thinks that Sami will be happy when she finally finds out.  He tells her that his plan is a secret and she must not tell anybody about it, but since when is Days of our Lives' Nicole Kiriakis née Walker trustworthy?  She tells him that his secrets are safe with her, but she tells him that conniving and scheming often leaves one with nothing.  Sami shows up and orders EJ to come home with her.  Nicole contemplates telling Sami about EJ's plan.

Sami arrives home with a completely smashed EJ.  Lucas is not happy to see him.  John is also home, and he reports that Marlena is gone.  He found a note,

Next on Days of our Lives: Nicole tells EJ that his secret is safe with her, Sami tells Kate that she annulled her marriage to EJ, Steve tells Kayla that their baby boy has taken a turn for the worst.

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