Days of our Lives: July 28 Live Thoughts
Days of our Lives: July 28 Live Thoughts
Chelsea (Rachel Melvin) goes to visit Victor (John Aniston) at the hospital today on Days of our Lives.  Daniel catches here there and asks her what she thinks she is doing, especially after he expressly told her that Victor has to be kept calm.

Hope (Kristian Alfonso) and Bo (Peter Reckell) rush over to the DiMera mansion when they get a call that Philip (Jay Kenneth JOhnson) has been shot.  Kate (Lauren Koslow) also shows up and is devastated to find her son on the ground.

Daniel is concerned about Victor's health, but he also doesn't want Chelsea involved in the potentially dangerous stuff that Victor is involved in.  He forbids Chelsea from visiting Victor.

Roman (Josh Taylor) questions John (Drake Hogestyn), Ava and EJ (James Scott) about the events that led to Philip's shooting.  They all say that Morgan showed up hysterically at the mansion, screaming that John killed her father.  She reached for her purse, and Ava's cousin Eddy thought she was going for a gun.  So he pulled one out and shot, but Philip jumped in between, catching the bullet in his chest.  John plays hardball, saying that he'll press charges against Morgan unless the police make this whole incident go away.  Roman takes Eddy away for questioning, giving EJ a chance to tell John that if he's going to be his attorney, then John's going to have to come clean about his involvement with Paul's disappearance.

Hope and Bo take Morgan for questioning as well.  Morgan is still convinced that John killed her father.  Morgan remembers that her father used to warn her to stay away from Philip, and tells this to Bo and Hope.  She doesn't have any further information or reason about it.

Philip is brought to the hospital, and Kate and Chelsea wait anxiously in the waiting room.  Daniel comes out to give them the update about Philip.  Man, does Salem Hospital have no other doctors?

EJ gets the news that Ava's trial will be in Salem, which is good news for her.

Kate asks Daniel for permission to visit Victor, and Daniel says OK.  As she talks, Viictor's heartrate monitor goes through the roof.  He opens his eyes, and looks like he's having another stroke.  Kate runs out looking for help.

Ava thanks John for appealing on her behalf to the judge and give him a big kiss, and they continue to canoodle.  She clearly wants to get frisky in the sack, but he pulls back for a second.  He's worried about how Morgan would react if she knew what really happened to her father.

Bo rushes to the hospital and demands to speak to Philip because he needs to question him about what happened at John's.  Bo goes in to see Philip and apologizes for not believing him and for being rough on him.  Apparent, in Bo's world, taking a bullet absolves a person of even murder.  Bo promises to do his best to clear his name.  Then Morgan comes in the room and quietly tells the unconscious Philip how thankful she is that he saved her life.

Next on Days of our Lives: Nicole talks to EJ about her feelings, Stephanie and Max might actually meet his sister, Marlena picks a fight with Trent Robbins.

-Debbie Chang, BuddyTV Staff Writer
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