Days of our Lives: July 25 Live Thoughts
Days of our Lives: July 25 Live Thoughts
Caroline (Peggy McCay) drops by Kayla and Steve's for a surprise visit to check in on the baby.  Kayla (Mary Beth Evans) reports that Joey's first night at home went smoothly.  Steve is out, so Caroline wants to have a serious talk about Bo.  Steve (Stephen Nichols) goes over to Bo's to talk more about his police case.  Bo (Peter Reckell) regrets telling him anything, but Steve thinks that Bo actually did the right thing by protecting Philip.  Bo continues to insist that he can't tell Hope any of this because she's a cop.

Kate (Lauren Koslow) and Philip (Jay Kenneth Johnson) have a tense breakfast together.  It's 11am, but don't these two have, like, jobs to go to?

Ava and John (Drake Hogestyn) also have breakfast, the morning after their night of sex, but John is distracted by the article about Paul Hollingsworth in the paper.  He says that dragging the river is a waste of time, and Marlena (Deidre Hall) unexpectedly shows up and asks how he knows that.  EJ (James Scott) also crashes the party for another meeting with Ava to figure out how to keep her out of prison.  Secretly, Marlena tells Rolf that Roman might be able to grant him immunity if he repairs the disc, but Rolf isn't so much worried about prison as he is of retribution from John.  Marlena is desperate, though, because she realizes that John is falling in love with Ava.  Judge Karen Fitzpatrick also drops by the DiMera mansion to thank EJ and John for their generous donation to her campaign.  EJ asks her for a favor involving Ava Vitali, asking her to consider trying the case.  After the judge leaves, Morgan Hollingsworth storms in and demands to know what John did with her father.  She screams that John killed her father.  Then, Ava's cousin Eddie Vitali arrives because Ava wanted him to be there when she met with her attorney.  Morgan thinks that Eddie is one of John's hired thugs, and yells at him too, refusing to leave.

Ava confronts Marlena, who bitches her out in that understated Marlena way about how she is fighting for her husband, the real John.

Steve soberly advises Bo to tell Hope about his secret.

Caroline tells Kayla all about her concerns involving Bo and Victor.  Can I just say how tedious this is?  All of us viewers know what has happened, but none of the characters do.  This is beyond silly.  Can't we just fast forward so that all the Days of our Lives characters finally catch up to what we all know, and then get on with it?  Le sigh.  Steve comes home from his meeting with Bo, and tells the women that Bo didn't tell him anything that anyone needs to be concerned about.  More lying.  Caroline and Kayla decide to go and talk to Bo themselves.

Caroline and Kayla drop by Bo's.  Caroline goes to play with Ciara, and Kayla asks Bo about his secret.  For reasons that I barely understand and, frankly, don't really care about, Kayla decides not to pursue her line of questioning and immediately leaves to go back home.

Ava goes to Steve's apartment because she wants to talk to him and Kayla.  Kayla isn't home yet, so Steve frostily tells her to tell him whatever it is she wants to say and to make it quick.  Ava apologizes for all of her misdeeds and to reassure him that she's a different person now that she's not on those drugs.  Also, she is finally moving on with her life and looking towards the future.  She asks Steve for a favor: she wants him to consider testifying on her behalf that she was a different person back then when she was on drugs.  Steve grudgingly agrees but as Ava leaves, she runs into Kayla on her way in.  Steve explains to Kayla what's going on and Kayla trusts him.

Henderson interrupts Philip's and Kate's argument to tell them that a letter addressed to Philip was found on the front doorstep.  He opens the envelope and finds that the letter reads "I know your secret."  How very I Know What You Did Last Summer.  Philip thinks that John Black is responsible for the letter and goes to put a stop to it.  He rushes over to the DiMera mansion where Morgan is still screaming at John.  She reaches into her purse, prompting Eddie Vitali to pull out his gun and shoot.  It's not entirely clear who he shoots, but somebody falls to the ground.

Next on Days of our Lives: the aftermath of the gunshot - Morgan was not the victim, Daniel and Chelsea have their first fight.

-Debbie Chang, BuddyTV Staff Writer
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