Days of our Lives: July 1 Live Thoughts
Days of our Lives: July 1 Live Thoughts
Today on Days of our Lives, Chelsea (Rachel Melvin) is helping Caroline (Peggy McCay) pack up goodies at the pub to take to Bo and Hope's annual Brady/Horton family barbecue.  Caroline waxes nostalgic about Grandpa Shawn and decides to pay a visit to the cemetary, so  Chelsea finishes packing up.  Morgan stops by the pub.  She's very sad about her dad who is still MIA, so Chelsea forces her to attend the barbecue.

At the DiMera mansion, EJ (James Scott) asks Lucas (Bryan Dattilo) where Sami is.  Lucas says that she's at the barbecue, and EJ takes off to go there.

At Bo and Hope's, Bo comes home from the station to tell Hope about Paul Hollingsworth's letter addressed to Morgan that he found.

Lucas tells EJ that he isn't welcome at the Brady/Horton picnic.  Obviously, Lucas doesn't know that EJ and Sami's marriage really is annulled.  EJ eventually decides not to go to the picnic.  Nicole comes to visit with a big bottle of booze.  They toast, and EJ can't suppress his smile (presumably about how Sami admitted that she has feelings for him yesterday on Days of our Lives), but he is loathe to tell Nicole about it or anything else.

EJ leaves to change his clothes, and is replaced by Lucas, who immediately begins an argument with Nicole.  Nicole berates him about working so hard to get back with Sami.  He says that Sami went ballistic when she learned the news, but she went on to admit that she has feelings for him.  Lucas overhears this.

Nicole orders Rolf to fetch some caviar, and then EJ comes back with some expensive wine.  Nicole wants to know EJ's good news, so he tells her that Sami knows that they are no longer married.

Bo and Hope show off their newly eco-friendly home to Doug and Julie, who have stopped by, all dressed up like Uncle Sam and Betsy Ross.  Bo takes Doug aside and asks for his advice on Chelsea and her very mature boyfriend.  Doug reminds him that he wasn't crazy about Bo when he and Hope first got together.  He also reminds Bo that Daniel is smart, successful and well-respected.

Meanwhile, Hope and Julie get some girl-talk in too.  Hope tells Julie that Bo is having issues with Daniel, just like Doug had issues when Hope was dating Bo.

Simultaneously, Doug tells Bo and Julie tells Hope that true love always finds a way.  Bo and Hope crack up at the cheesiness of it.

At the pub, Morgan wonders to Chelsea if her father is actually dead.

Roman (Josh Taylor) comes to the pub to help Caroline bring all the food to Bo and Hope's.  Roman wonders if Sami will bring EJ to the picnic, and Caroline says she hopes not.

Philip (Jay Kenneth Johnson) tells Chloe (Nadia Bjorlin) how disappointed he is in her for going to the cops about seeing Paul Hollingsworth at the dock the night of the fire.  He says that she may have done more harm than good, even though she was only trying to help.  The conversation takes a turn and Philip invites Chloe to get together later, since she doesn't have any plans.  Chloe leaves the table, giving Philip the opportunity to see that Morgan is at another table at the pub, sitting alone and crying.  Philip goes over and gives her a hug and tells her that his people are tracking him.  Morgan wants to know Philip's ulterior motives for finding Paul.  Morgan reports to Philip that he checked his luggage onto a flight to South America but he never got on the plane.  This is news to Philip, even though he supposedly has people on the case, so he should know this already.  Of course, Chloe comes back to witness Philip hugging Morgan.

Eventually, the Brady/Horton picnic is underway.  Julie and Doug compare notes about their respective conversations with Hope and Bo.

Next on Days of our Lives: Chelsea and Daniel arrive at the picnic, Lucas goes to help Chloe, John tells Marlena that the old John is gone.

-Debbie Chang, BuddyTV Staff Writer
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