Days of our Lives: January 31 Recap
Days of our Lives: January 31 Recap
Today on Days of our Lives, Anna tells Tony (Thaao Penghlis) coldly that she is preparing for a job interview.

Sami (Alison Sweeney) gets a call from the D.A., informing her of Lucas' trial date.  They expect her to testify and will subpoena her if necessary.  You know how sometimes on soaps kids get shipped off to boarding school and then, like, eight months later, they come back fully grown with a divorce and a mortgage?  I think that's what's happening with the twins.  They were born not two months ago, and they look like they are at least 13 months.

Back in Oireland, Marlena (Deidre Hall) and John (Drake Hogestyn) have just broken into a room at the Aubin B&B to discover a mystery woman there.  Marlena is amazed to see her and tells her that she's supposed to be dead.  Bo (Peter Reckell) and Hope (Kristian Alfonso) are right on their heels.

Downstairs, the Scooby Gang, Belle (Martha Madison), Chloe (Nadia Bjorlin), Philip (Jay Kenneth Johnson) and Shawn (Brandon Beemer) ask the unlikely Oirish B&B owners where Crystal is, but they feign ignorance.  Crystal finally comes out and tells the thugs to stand down.  The Scoobies accuse her of working for Stefano, but she says that she hates him.  She eventually lets them go upstairs, where we finally get to see the mystery woman's face.  It's Shirley Jones, the mom from The Partridge Family, playing Colleen Brady who was believed to be dead all these long decades.  Except, it's rather silly because no one mentions her by name, so we're all supposed to be in the dark about her true identity.  But we all know who she is, don't we?  She might have the worst Oirish accent of them all.  She isn't wearing a Victorian outfit and she doesn't break out in song, but she is sporting a very Victorian-ish 'do with tight curls.

Colleen explains that she and Stefano have been playing a game of cat and mouse for well over a year.  She has amassed a considerable amount of money and hired a bunch of people to keep track of what Stefano is up to.  Rob and Crystal work for her, so she must be the C.B. DiMera who owns the storefront in Salem.  Colleen is also behind Claire's kidnapping.  Belle rushes in and demands to know where Claire is, not knowing who the old woman is.  Marlena pipes up, saying that if the old lady is who she thinks she is, she would never hurt a Brady child, so Claire is probably safe.

Meanwhile, in pointless storylineland, Anna gets snippy with Tony for not consulting her before buying a business.  He proceeds to wedge his foot farther into his mouth than is humanly possible, further pissing Anna off.  In retaliation, she gets herself an interview at the competing ad agency.

At the hospital, Steve and Roman play exposition fairies, in case you missed the first half of today's Days of our Lives.  Steve exposits about how Adrienne is randomly moving to Dubai because Justin was offered a job there, and Roman exposits about Lexie's other patient's (not Stefano) disturbing test results that Steve should know about.  Do the doctors at Salem University Hospital sign their doctor-patient confidentiality agreements on tissues to blow their noses with or something?  Because of these disturbing results, Steve says that he and Kayla will catch the next flight out to Oireland.

Lexie (Renee Jones) is worried that someone may have induced a comatose state in Stefano (Joseph Mascolo).  She assembles her sibs, EJ (James Scott) and Tony, to the hospital and explains that she can easily test Stefano for brain activity, which would prove that he's not in a coma, but she's not sure if she should.  It might be for the better if they just keep him in his vegetative state so that he can't hurt anyone else.  She needs Tony and EJ to help her decide what they should do for Stefano.  After much deliberation, the three spawns of Stefano agree to leave him comatose.  Stefano responds with a very dramatic, "No!  No!  Nooooo!" but, of course, no one can hear him.

Next on Days of our Lives: Chelsea deals with the Ford case, Colleen finally identifies herself, EJ tells Sami that their situation has changed.

-Debbie Chang, BuddyTV Staff Writer
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