Days of our Lives: February 28 Live Thoughts
Days of our Lives: February 28 Live Thoughts
On Days of our Lives today, all of the attendants at Grandpa Shawn's funeral have made their way over to the Brady Pub.  Everyone is talking with long faces about how it's an Irish wake, so everyone should be happy, not sad.  Everyone is very subdued, however.  EJ (James Scott) complains to Sami's deaf ears that he feels uncomfortable and out of place.  Hope (Kristian Alfonso) is worried that Bo (Peter Reckell) isn't strong enough to be there, but he insists on staying for the toasts.  Ava lingers menacingly outside the pub.  Kimberly Brady starts off the toasts, but she almost literally phones in her lines because the camera never actually shows her at all while she's making the speech.  Then, all of Grandpa Shawn's progeny take turns reciting an old Irish toast.

Meanwhile, in the comic relief portion of today's Days of our Lives, Tony DiMera is at work and making awkward but inappropriate remarks to his attractive secretary.  Across town, it's Anna first day at work, and she immediately gets a dressing-down from her boss.

Tony and Anna are both having trouble working today.  No one returns Anna's calls, and Tony is distracted without Anna.  He decides to surprise her by taking her out to lunch.  He pops over to Anna's office.  Finding it empty, he sits down at her desk and reads through the papers on it.  Meanwhile, she is over at his office, and she begins reading through his papers.  This is some fine corporate espionage going on.  Tony's secretary walks in on Anna snooping around, and Anna tells her that she must be the latest in a long line of secretaries he has gotten pregnant.  She tells her story about how she was his secretary too and how she got used and abused.

After her diabribe, Anna goes back to her office to find the flowers and a letter from Tony, which she promptly throws away.  When Tony gets back to his office, his secretary is frantically packing up her desk and quits.  Tony figures out that Anna had a hand in her quitting, and runs back to her office.  He starts out looking angry, but he grabs her and plants a big, wet kiss on her.

Bo and Hope talk about the toast when Bo starts to feel dizzy.  Steve (Stephen Nichols) helps him to his feet and to the hospital.  They get him out the door and into the car, and Ava, still spying, takes a picture of Hope with her camera phone.

Kayla asks Caroline (Peggy McCay) if she would like to move in with  her and Steve for a little while, but Caroline declines.  Hope dispatches Lexie to go immediately to the hospital to check on Bo, and then leaves to go as well.  But outside the pub, Ava decides to jump out of the shadows and confront Hope, whom she thinks is Steve's wife.  Ava demands to know whether Hope loves Steve Johnson.  Hope replies that she does, and Ava just goes, "Uh hm," and walks away.

Inside the pub, EJ offers his condolences to Kimber, who rips him a new one for what he's done to Sami (Alison Sweeney) and her family.  Sadly, however, it's time for Kimber to get on a plane and go back to California.  Everyone cries fresh tears and there are hugs all around.

At the hospital, as soon as Steve leaves to go back to the pub, Bo goes into arrest.  Lexie runs in with the crash cart to revive him.  She manages to get him back, thankfully.

At the pub, Steve asks Abe (James Reynolds) to run the name Ava Vitali through the police computer as a favor.  Abe agrees, but just this once.  Caroline sits down with Victor (John Aniston) to talk about the late Shawn Brady.  Max (Darin Brooks) gets everyone's attention and gives a touching toast for his Pop as well.  The wake slowly devolves into a rambunctious party in which everyone drunkenly recites old Irish sayings.  Even EJ gets into it.  Awww, the whole scene is very sweet, and Gramps really would be proud to have such a rollicking wake.

It's not all good news, though.  At the hospital, Lexie tells Hope, Shawn (Brandon Beemer) and Chelsea (Rachel Melvin) that Bo's pancreas is beginning to shut down.  If it stops working all the way, then he'll die.  Dun, dun, DUN!!!

Next on Days of our Lives: Marlena wants John to give away Stefano's money, Sami wants to get an annulment, and Victor demands to know what's going on with Bo.

-Debbie Chang, BuddyTV Staff Writer
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