Days of our Lives: February 12 Live Thoughts
Days of our Lives: February 12 Live Thoughts
Days of our Lives begins in the air.  The passengers of the Johnbot's private jet are worried about the loud noise and bumpy ride.  Thank goodness John (Drake Hogestyn) has retained all of his prior knowledge of converging air masses and jet streams.  Marlena (Deidre Hall) remarks on how uneven his amnesia is.  Unfortunately, there's another loud crashing noise.  In the cockpit, the pilots decide to request permission to land somewhere.  They are concerned that it's not just bad weather that is causing the problem.

Back in Salem, Victor (John Aniston) runs into Caroline (Peggy McCay) at the park.  Victor is picking tulips or something, even though it's February in the Midwest somewhere.  The two old folks reminisce about the past, Victor regretting that he couldn't be more of a father to Bo.

Victor sweetly offers the tulip he just picked to Caroline, when Chelsea (Rachel Melvin) happens by.  She wastes no time before asking them how they came to having her dad, and she is met by looks of shock from both grandparents, as well as ominous cello music.  Well, you see, Chelsea, when a man loves a woman....and....oh, she can look it up in a book, can't she?  Victor and Caroline don't want to give up the goods because it wasn't a proud moment for either of them.  Finally, they can't resist Chelsea's cheekiness, so they launch into the story about how Caroline was very lonely in her youth, with three children to take care of and Shawn always away on business trips, so she had a moment's indiscretion when Victor came back from Greece.  She kept the secret to herself until Bo became a police officer and was about to pop a cap into his old man.  As she tells the story, we get flashback from Days of our Lives from yore.

Everyone is taking walks in the park in Salem today.  Kate (Lauren Koslow) runs into Roman (Josh Taylor) outside in the snow.  Yeah, like Kate would ever walk around in the snow.  She is fretting about Lucas' incarceration and asks Roman for help, but Roman says that there is nothing he can do since Lucas pleaded guilty and was sentence.

In the plane, somewhere over the north Atlantic, John pops his head into the cockpit to see what's going on up there, and Marlena is perfectly content letting John take charge.  I can't see why, though.  He hasn't quite proven to anyone that he is mentally stable or even capable of remembering anything.  And the man tried to commit suicide back in Ireland.  I wouldn't put my life into his hands, that's for sure.  Anyway, the pilots tell John that the instruments aren't responding the way they should be and they don't know why.  They try to radio to Reykjavik, Iceland to make an emergency landing, but the radio doesn't seem to be working either.  John has a moment in which he remembers precisely the inner workings of his plane.  He comes back out to the cabin to ask Marlena for her cell phone, but there's no signal.

The pilots discover that they are losing pressure in the cabin.  They suspect that there might be a small crack in the fuselage.  John frantically checks all the wiring in the cockpit.  If nothing else, the plane trouble is re-instilling the will to live in John.  He instructs the pilots to do some shenanigans on the engines, but it doesn't work.  John orders them to dump the fuel, but Steve yells for him not to because that would mean certain death.  But it seems like there was no fuel to dump anyway.  Steve goes back to inform everyone that there are no radios, no instruments, no controls, and they are losing cabin pressure.

Next on Days of our Lives: Max and Stephanie make cute, Abe updates Sami and EJ about Stefano, more airplane drama.

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