Days of our Lives: December 20 Live Thoughts
Days of our Lives: December 20 Live Thoughts
Roman and Marlena spend the day together on today's Days of our Lives.  He tells her that her charges have been reduced, so that she'll only have to do community service and pay a fine.  Kate got the same deal, but they don't know who the real shooter is yet.Marlena show Roman the picture of John with his mystery "mama" that Hope found among John's things.  She asks Roman for help tracking her down. He agrees to help, and she's so pleased.  Roman invites Marlena to spend Christmas at Alice's, and Marlena promises to think about it.

Hope shows up at the pub where Belle is wrapping presents for Sami's twins.  They have their same old argument again, about whether Belle has really cut Philip out of her life and how she should start respecting herself and Shawn.

Meanwhile, Shawn goes over to Philip's to discuss the planted gun.  Shawn asks Bo to come to the meeting as well, and eventually, Bo finds out that Belle was in on the scheme with Philip.  Bo and Hope then go to Brady's Pub, and Shawn asks Bo not to tell Hope about planting the gun.  Bo can only promise that he won't argue about it in front of Claire.  As soon as Bo and Hope leave the pub, Bo tells Hope all about the planted gun, and she is super indignant.

Afterwards, Belle asks Shawn why Bo was being so cold toward her.  Belle is upset to learn that Bo knows of her involvement, even though Shawn insists that he was trying to protect her.  Belle calls Philip to ream him for turning her in, but Philip says that it was Shawn who told on her.

At Chez Rouge, Lucas tells Kate that Bo has his gun.  Kate isn't very worried because she got her sentence reduced to a slap on the wrist, and she's sure that Lucas' bullet didn't actually reach EJ's spine.  But Lucas says that he was the one who shot EJ!  Lucas wants to plead guilty if it goes to trial because if he fights it, Stefano will go after him and his family.  Lucas is resigned to the fact that there is nothing he can do now, but Kate brainstorms ideas on how to get Lucas out of the country.  She thinks that he can get on a Kiriakis cargo ship and sneak away to a different country until Stefano dies.  Lucas agrees that he'll go through with her plan and make himself scarce, but only if they match the bullet in EJ's spine with his gun.

Sami goes over to EJ's who tells her that in his physical therapy session this morning, he was able to stand on his own.  This is fastest recovery from paralysis that I have ever seen.  Sami is amazed, and EJ suggests that they move things to the bedroom.  This makes her mad, thinking that he was pretending to be paralyzed to gain her pity.  But EJ insists that he isn't lying.  He accuses Lucas of putting a bullet in his spine and paralyzing him.  EJ says that he went to the police department where they had a special machine to look at the identifying marks in the bullet, and they'll soon find out that Lucas was the shooter.  Sami still insists that Lucas didn't shoot EJ.  EJ offers Sami a deal.  The deal EJ wants is that Sami must immediately move in with him and sleep in his bed and act like his wife.  In return, he won't press charges against Lucas and he'll make sure Stefano doesn't retaliate.  Sami response is to slap him, but he catches her hand and blocks her strike.  Holding her very close, EJ threateningly tells her to fulfill the promise they made on their wedding night, but Sami swears that she will never, ever sleep with him.  He says that if she doesn't sleep with him, then he'll make sure Lucas pays.

Next on Days of our Lives: Billie wants to know if Lucas is being arrested, Philip yells at Chloe for her stunt, Sami wants her marriage to EJ annulled.

-Debbie Chang, BuddyTV Staff Writer
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