Days of our Lives: December 14 Recap
Days of our Lives: December 14 Recap
Bo (Peter Reckell) and Kate (Lauren Koslow) are still at Chez Rouge on today's Days of our Lives.  Bo is still interrogating her and starting to play hardball.  He tells Kate that he knows about the package that Lucas (Bryan Dattilo) is tracking around town, and he guesses that there's a gun in it.

Meanwhile, Lucas is frantic that the package wasn't delivered to his apartment, even though the shipping company said that it was.  He yells at Sami (Ailson Sweeney), as EJ (James Scott) eavesdrops on their fight with a smile on his face.

Philip (Jay Kenneth Johnson) is still mad at Chloe (Nadia Bjorlin) for outing his meeting with Belle (Martha Madison) to Shawn (Brandon Beemer).  She calls him out that he still has the hots for Belle Brady née Black.  Chloe propositions that maybe Philip should forget about Belle and go back with Chloe, but Philip isn't interested.  Hope (Kristian Alfonso) comes by and asks to speak to Philip alone.  She tells him threateningly to stay away from her son.  She also asks him to remember how close the two boys were in the past.  She tells him that it's time to move on, but Philip keeps saying that Shawn is his own worst enemy.  He challenges her to tell Shawn all about his and Belle's afternoon o' sex.

Bo continues to question Kate about why Lucas took her car keys in order to get the cop off his tail.  Kate refuses to cooperate, though.  Bo tells her to call Lucas and ask him what's in the package right now, but Lucas doesn't answer his phone.  Roman (Josh Taylor) comes by to tell Bo about what happened with the shipping company and the missing package.  Bo asks Roman to babysit Kate for a while.

Bo goes over to Hope after her talk with Philip.  She realizes that Philip is trouble, and Belle is terrified.  Hope wants to try to find Marlena again, to talk to her about Belle.  After Bo and Hope leave, Chloe sidles up to Philip again.

Meanwhile, Roman makes conversation with Kate.  Kate wants him to treat her the same way he treats Marlena (Deidre Hall).  Roman says that he has a soft spot in his heart for both women, but Kate's bitchiness makes it difficult for him to feel sorry for her.

All the while, here's what's going on with the other Days of our Lives storylines.  EJ, talking to himself, tries to open the package.  He goes to look for scissors, when there's a knock at the door.  He quickly hides the box, and struggles to get out of his chair.  It's the delivery guy who is back to tell him that the package he delivered was meant for someone else.  EJ quickly gets rid of him, though.  He starts opening the box again, but there is another knock at the door.  It's EJ's physical therapist, Sandy.  She won't go away, despite EJ's best efforts to get rid of her.

Sami pleads with Lucas to relax about the package, and leaves to return the bag of baby things that EJ gave them.  She barges in on EJ during his exercises with Sandy, and yells angrily that she knows he's been eavesdropping on her.  Sandy tells Sami that she was just about to see if EJ can take a few steps.  Sami questions him about the baby monitor that he planted in her apartment, and tears his apartment apart looking for the other half of the set.  Finally, she finds the receiver underneath the couch cushions.  He tries to play dumb, but she doesn't believe him.  He locks her out and finally gets the box out to open.  Doesn't he remember that Sandy is coming back to retrieve her table?

Meanwhile, back at Chez Rouge, Roman can't take talking to Kate anymore, so Bo comes back to take over.  He asks her one more time what's in Lucas' package.  She gets a call from Lucas right then.  She picks up and asks him what's in the box.  He explains how he lost it, and then Kate tells Bo that Lucas doesn't know anything about no stinkin' package.

Lucas calls the shipping company one more time and finds out that his neighbor signed for it.  Sami demands for him to be straight with her about the package.

Philip finally decides to give Chloe a chance, and offers to buy her another round.  Her eyes are very large and she rarely blinks, giving her a very creepy countenance.

EJ gleefully opens the box and finds the gun, laughing maniacally all the while.

Next on Days of our Lives: Cordy might crack, Lucas tells Sami about the gun, Stefano gives EJ some letters.

-Debbie Chang, BuddyTV Staff Writer
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