Days of our Lives: December 10 Live Thoughts
Days of our Lives: December 10 Live Thoughts
Days of our LIves begins in Brady's Pub with Kayla (Mary Beth Evans) and Steve (Stephen Nichols), who are looking after Sierra.  Caroline (Peggy McCay) comes out to take Sierra back for some mac and cheese.  Kayla tells Steve that he's a natural-born daddy, and he says thoughtfully that he's been thinking that they shouldn't have a baby.

Bo (Peter Reckell) and Hope (Kristian Alfonso) have found themselves in a seedy neighborhood of Cincinnati, Ohio, on the hunt for Lee Elroy.  We know it's a seedy neighborhood because there is a can with a fire going inside it out in the alleyway.  Bo sees a hooded woman enter the alley.

Kate (Lauren Koslow) goes over to Lucas' (Bryan Dattilo) to plan their scheme of getting Sami (Alison Sweeney) to leave EJ (James Scott).  They are going to fake another attack on the Bradys to make Sami think that Stefano (Joseph Mascolo) is going back on his word.

Bo tells the woman that he wants to talk to her about a gun.  She throws her box of cards in his face and runs off.

Lucas doesn't want to go along with Kate because he doesn't want to make the Brady's feel like they are being terrorized.  Kate has an idea, though.  She wants to cut the breaks on Steve and Kayla's car.

Kayla tries to convince Steve that he is a great dad, and was great with Pocket.  She reminds him that they both loved taking care of Pocket.  Steve is worried that because he had an abusive childhood, he might turn out to be abusive as well, and he doesn't want that to happen.

The box of cards that Lee Elroy threw into Bo's face is a catalogue of illegal gun transactions.  Hope went to investigate her pickup truck and found guns that were registered a male Lee Elroy.  Hmm, mysterious.  They decide to bust down the door of the warehouse and track her down.

Lucas doesn't want to go along with Kate anymore because of her crazy suggestion to cut Steve and Kayla's breaks, so Kate says that she'll cut the breaks and then drain the gas tank.

Bo is alone inside the warehouse.  He talks out loud to Lee Elroy, asking her to cooperate.  She jumps out from the shadows, holding a gun, and screams for him to go away or else she'll shoot him dead.  They have a short standoff, when Bo finally overtakes her.  She's actually Lee Elroy's widow, selling guns to make quick cash so her baby doesn't starve.  She's quite possibly the worst actress to ever appear on Days of our Lives of late, including Morgan Hollingsworth.  She's got a worse fake Southern accent than Morgan does too.  Woah.

Lucas shoots down Kate's idea, and she has another great idea.

Kayla continues to tell Steve how great a father he would be.  And finally, he agrees.  He says, "Let's do it," and Kayla beams up at him before giving him a big kiss.  Yay!  I love Steve and Kayla!  I hope they have another baby!  Steve flashbacks sexy moments from his past with Kayla.  In the present, they make a plan to start right away.  Kayla says that there's just one thing.

Kate has finished telling Lucas her second plan.  She told him during the commercial break, so it's a secret to us viewers right now.

Hope helps Lee Elroy's widow go through all the records to look for Kate's gun.  Bo comes back to report that her story checks out and her name is Lindy Elroy.  Hope locates the receipt with the serial number that matches Kate's, and it was signed by someone named Otis Shockley.  Lindy says that she was evicted from her apartment and has been living in the warehouse.  A social worker took her child away until she has a real place to live.  Bo threatens to call in the FBI to report Lindy, who suddenly remembers that Lee installed a camera to take a picture of anyone who comes in or out of the warehouse.  She goes to check, while Hope tells Bo that they have to cut Lindy some slack.

Kayla tells Steve that she's worried that she might not get pregnant.  They agree that adoption is definitely an option they would like if they can't have a child of their own, so they decide to put their names on all the adoption lists and try getting pregnant all the while.

Kate leaves Lucas' and calls Kayla.  She says that she has some gifts she wants to give Sami and Lucas, and asks her to deliver them for her, since they are not talking to Kate.  Kayla agrees.

Bo agrees that he's going to let Lindy walk.  Hope is happy to hear that.  Lindy comes back with a photo, and Bo and Hope see that it's Lucas who bought the gun.

Kate goes outside Brady's Pub.  She sees Kayla and Steve inside, getting ready to go.  They go outside and walk to their car when Steve sees someone crawl out from under the car and take off, running.

Bo looks at the picture of Lucas and realizes he's holding a Glock.  However, the gun that Kate had is not a Glock, so Lucas bought two of them.  Bo tells Lindy that he's not going to turn her in, but he's going to have to take all her guns.  Hope has given her some money to get by on.

Steve crawls under the car to find that the breaks were cut.  Kate goes over to Lucas' again with car grease on her face.  He is furious to hear that she went through with the plan, even though he changed his mind about it.  Lucas answers the phone.  It's bad news.  He hangs up, and tells Kate that

Next on Days of our Lives: Kayla and Hope talks about Belle again, Chloe asks Belle about Philip, Shawn may know about Belle and Philip.

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