Days of our Lives: August 11 Live Thoughts
Days of our Lives: August 11 Live Thoughts
Days of our Lives begins in the dimly lit church.  John (Drake Hogestyn) is still lurking about in the shadows.  Everyone has left already.  Anna (Leann Hunley) sneaks over there and tells John that Stefano is awake.

Speaking of Stefano (Joseph Mascolo), he is in the hospital, telling his two sons EJ (James Scott) and Tony (Thaao Penghlis) that Marlena is the one who put him in a coma.  Sami (Alison Sweeney) walks in the door and learns that Stefano is awake and that he has done something terrible to Marlena.

Indeed, Marlena (Deidre Hall) has just been pumped with a drug by one of Stefano's henchmen and she is slowly being paralyzed.

Anna is extremely nervous about Stefano being back, but John assures her that he won't hurt her.  Anna says that she also looked for Marlena but couldn't find her, which worries John a bit.  He thinks he might know where she is.  They head over to the DiMera mansion, but she is nowhere to be found.  They try to go over to Marlena's townhouse, but someone has cut John's tires.  John suspects Rolf.  John hops on his motorcycle, and throws Anna a helmet too. 

EJ ushers Sami outside into the hallway.  She says that she can't find her mother, but EJ says that Stefano has been in a coma so he doesn't think that he could have done anything to Marlena.  EJ tries to calm her down, but Sami won't be calmed down.

John and Anna break into the townhouse and find Marlena on the floor, not breathing.  Anna calls 911.  Sami and EJ show up shortly thereafter.  John performs CPR on her and she eventually begins breathing.

Tony demands to know what Stefano has done, but Stefano is incensed that Tony would have the audacity to demand anything of him.  Tony is skating on thin ice now.  Tony doesn't want Stefano to go after Marlena, but nothing will stop Stefano from exacting revenge on Marlena for inducing in him a state of catatonia.  Tony is finally beginning to understand the torture that Stefano must have endured.  Now the interesting question is whether Tony will stay true to his convictions, or whether he will become loyal to his father again.  Tony pleads passionately with his father to take the high road for once in his life and forget the vendetta he has with Marlena, and prove to the world that he has a heart.  Stefano says no, it's too late for that.  Tony also thinks that maybe his recent suffering is distorting his memory about what happened.

John and Sami bring Marlena to the hospital, under Kayla's (Mary Beth Evans) care.  John wants to talk to Stefano about what he did to her, but Sami says not now, Marlena needs him right now.  These Brady women are so demanding!  Kayla orders a tox screen on Marlena's blood because the EMT found a hypodermic needle at the scene.  Kayla goes out to the hallway and reams John out for spying on Bo being taken away by the cops and looking happy about it.  In an effort to maybe stir up the old John that might be buried inside of him, she reminds him how much he loves Marlena.  Anna fills Tony in on what happened to Marlena, so then Tony demands to Stefano to know why he hurt her.  Stefano pulls a John Rambo and explains that Marlena drew first blood.  Ooh, a Rambo/Days of our Lives crossover would be pretty awesome, huh?  Tony shows us all that he is staying true to his own convictions; he refuses to support his father who could so easily harm another human being.  Tony refuses to let Stefano reprise his role as the puppeteer of all his minions about him.  Stefano insists that he only does things to protect his family and that Tony better choose a side to be on.

Sami and John stand by Marlena's bedside.  Sami awkwardly thanks John for saving her mother's life and reminds him that Marlena loves her.  Sami also believes that, deep down, John also still loves Marlena.  Sami understands that it must be frustrating for him to hear people talk about how he used to be and thinks that maybe they should all just have faith in who he is now.  John appreciates the sentiment.  Then, Sami goes to look for EJ.

Next on Days of our Lives: Kayla figures out that Stefano had Marlena injected with a paralyzing toxin, Sami wants John to kill Stefano, John finally contronts Stefano.

-Debbie Chang, BuddyTV Staff Writer
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