Days of our Lives: April 7 Live Thoughts
Days of our Lives: April 7 Live Thoughts
Days of our Lives begins for another week.  Stephanie (Shelley Hennig) reports for work at Anna DiMera's ad agency, but Anna is dismayed to see that Stephanie's camera crew is still in tow.  (The filmmaker is working on a documentary for his master's degree.)  On the other side of town, Morgan (Kristen Renton) and her camera guy go to work at Tony DiMera's agency.  Morgan is in a terrible mood, however, and doesn't much feel like working.

And remember from last Friday's Days of our Lives?  The real Kayla Johnson (Mary Beth Evans) calls Steve's (Stephen Nichols) cell phone.  Under the watchful eyes of Ava and Angelo, Steve tries to get rid of Kayla on the phone.

Tony notices immediately that there is a lot on Morgan's mind, so he asks her to talk about it.  How very unprofessional of both of them.  Morgan spills her guts to him about her parents.  They went through a nasty divorce, and now her father, Paul Hollingsworth, the director of customs at the piers, was just indicted of taking bribes.  Her mother comes from money and has cut off her father completely.  Tony gives Morgan a big hug.  Meanwhile, this entire event has been caught on camera.  Kate Roberts (Lauren Koslow) walks in during the hug and snits at Tony about the filming.  She wants to know what Tony has for her.  He has an idea, but it has nothing to do with advertising.  Oh Tony, that devil!

Meanwhile, at Anna's office, the camera guy is catching Anna doing no work whatsoever, and then she flips out for being filmed all the time.  She starts reading a silly women's magazine about ten ways to get your man back.  She starts bitching to Stephanie about what an idiot Tony is.  Stephanie asks her to brainstorm her own "Ten Ways" list.  This turns into a girl gabfest, Anna talking about Tony and Stephanie talking about Max.  Stephanie realizes that Anna is such a mess because she's still hung up on Tony.  Stephanie gives her sound, levelheaded advice, but Anna is just so annoying.  Ugh.  Anna tells Stephanie and the camera guy that her feelings about Tony do not leave the room.

However, Tony is making the moves on Kate.  He gives Morgan the rest of the day off, and tells the camera guy that he can leave his equipment here if he wants.  The camera guy leaves the camera on, conveniently enough, and records Tony asking Kate out to dinner.

Anna wanders over into Tony's office and finds the camera still set up.  She plays back the tape to find out what he's been up to.  She is dismayed and embarrassed to see that Tony has been spending his day macking on both Morgan and Kate.  Meanwhile, Tony has wandered over to Anna's office.  This happens all the time.  Can't the writers think of something else to do with these two?  Tony plays back the tape in Anna's office and watches the bit about what Anna would do to get Tony back and how much she misses him.

Tony gives Anna a call, and she lies that she's getting her hair done.  Anna gets mad at him, and tells him that she doesn't want him to play his little games with her anymore.  Gawd, can this storyline be any more tiresome?

Meanwhile, in the interesting part of today's episode, Steve yells at the real Kayla and tells her not to call back.  He hangs up, and then throws the phone on the ground, breaking it.  Smart move, because now Ava and Angelo can't find out who called him.  Steve lies to Ava that it was a real estate agent who called, but Ava doesn't buy the story.  Steve tries to rectify the situation by telling Ava that he never loved Kayla the way he loves her.  This seems to work, and Ava goes along with everything.  But now Ava wants to get married - ruh roh!  She goes into a monologue about the magical wedding and honeymoon that she wants to have.  Angelo comes in and asks to talk to Ava about something important right away.

At the hospital, Kayla freaks out that Steve must be in trouble, but Lexie (Renee Jones) tries to calm her down.  This goes on for quite a bit.  Stephanie pays a visit to Kayla.

Next on Days of our Lives: Kayla and Bo both want to leave the hospital, Ava wants to off Hope.

-Debbie Chang, BuddyTV Staff Writer
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